Spatial Sciences Lab on KTVMCurrent SSC Research

Scott Powell - Assistant Professor, LRES

Eric Sproles - Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences

Anna Schweiger - Assistant Professor, LRES

Frank Dougher - Instructor, LRES

Andrew Laskowski - Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences

        Jennifer D. Watts - Assistant Scientist and LRES Research Assistant Professor

Examples of Past SSC Research

  • Role of North American forest disturbance and regrowth in the North American Carbon Program: Integrated analyses of Landsat and U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis
  • Hyperspectral Sensor for large-area monitoring of carbon dioxide reservoirs and pipelines
  • Developing methods for monitoring change in conifer cover across biophysical gradients in national parks
  • AgCam Science Applications Team – Development of site specific farming and ranching products based on red and near infrared satellite imagery.
  • Whitebark Pine Dynamics – Investigation of decadal changes in whitebark pine distribution in the northern Rockies using satellite-based imagery.
  • Saltcedar Mapping – Mapping distribution of saltcedar in the Bighorn Basin using satellite-based imagery.
  • Implementing an Invasive Plant Inventory and Monitoring Protocol for Canyon Ferry Reservoir
  • Change detection of Yellowstone radiative thermal flux using remote sensing imagery
  • Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership
  • Upper Gallatin Watershed Nutrient Assessment