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One-Time Only Request Process:

The committee will be looking for the specific items... such as alignment with the MSU Strategic Plan, Student Success priorities, unit specific items, and Service Excellence.  If a group is allocated funds, they will be asked to report at a VPSS Cabinet or Student Success Collaborative meeting with a summary at the end of the fiscal year (June - July).


  1. Submit the oto request form.
  2. The BAC will review requests, the first of each month.

Review Criteria (2019):

  1. Does the request align with MSU's strategic plan or our institutional priority of serving students?
  2. Is the request serve a critical institutional support (operational) need?
  3. Are there measurable outcomes?
  4. Did the requestor make an attempt to collaborate with other Student Success units or an external partner?
  5. If the request includes personnel, is it temporary or permanent?
    • If permanent, what base funding is identified for salary/benefits?

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Budget Advisory Committee

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Charge Meetings occur the first Friday of each month. Exceptions are posted below.
Process Guidelines OTO Request, Salary Review, Post-Retiremetn Review.
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