Education & Aid Opportunities:

The Office of Financial Aid is here to help students acheive their educational goals. Financial Aid is not limited to just tuition and fees; their team can help you file your FAFSA, examine your aid eligiblity and much more. 


The Office of Financial Education is here to help you build your financial future one step at a time.  Focusing on the present, and developing an understanding of personal financial planning, is an important first step to gaining the traction you want to be financially secure (whatever that means to you), in the future.

Student Emergency Funding:

Montana State University is committed to the continued safety and success of our students during times of financial hardship or unexpected circumstances. Please read below if you feel your situation requires emergency funding. 

Are you experiencing an immediate financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or unexpected critical incident? Do you need assistance covering rent, groceries, utilities or medical bills? Go to the Student Emergency Fund for more information on eligiblity and applications requirements.