Registration in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Create an account on the GoGallatin commuter project.
  2. Complete the Guaranteed Ride Home Enrollment Form.
  3. Look for email confirmation of your enrollment, at which point you will be eligible for reimbursement given that your trip meets all other requirements for eligibility.
  4. Feel comfortable using sustainable transportation!

Guaranteed Ride Home Enrollment Form

 denotes required fields.

Basic Information
aka: Staff ID or GID, for example: -01234567. Do not include dash.
Please include the email with which you would like to communicate with the Guaranteed Ride Home team.
Residential Address
Mailing Address
Employment Information
Transportation Information
This information does not impact your eligibility for the Guaranteed Ride Home program.
(please check all that apply)
By signing this form, the Participant acknowledges all information stated above is true.  The GRH Program has the right to request further documentation if needed.