Reimbursement in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Complete the GRH Reimbursement Form.
  2. Upload the itemized receipt you received from Uber, Lyft, or the other company service that provided your ride.  Please be ready to upload your receipt in a PDF, .jpg, or .png file format when you submit your reimbursement form.
  3. Look for your reimbursement approval email, which will be sent to the email provided in your GRH application. This may take up to two weeks following your reimbursement request.  
  4. Check that your reimbursement is included in the MSU Payroll issued following your reimbursement request approval.  
  5. Continue to be awesome!

Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Form

 denotes required fields.

Basic Information
aka: Staff ID or GID, for example: -01234567. Do not include dash.
Residential Address
Employer Information
Work/Pickup Address
Transportation/Emergency Information
This is the date on which you used a ride-share to get home.

By signing this form, the Participant acknowledges all information stated above is true.  The GRH Program has the right to request further documentation if needed.  If the Program Administrator determines the emergency ride is invalid or not authorized, the reimbursement will be denied.