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Liberal Studies: Sustainability Minor

Liberal Studies Department

This program integrates the three pillars of sustainability, requiring students to take credits  from courses in social, economic, and environmental sustainability as well as classes on the history and contemporary  issues of sustainability. Learn more about the Sustainability minor.


Liberal Studies: Environmental Studies Option

Liberal Studies Department

This option is designed for students interested in developing a broad understanding of environmental issues from scientific and public policy perspectives. Learn more about the Environmental Studies option.

Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems: Sustainable Crop Production Option

Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

The curriculum of the Sustainable Crop Production option is designed to train students in a broad range of principles and practices in sustainable crop production, including agronomy, soil fertility, plant genetics, plant physiology, greenhouse production, plant propagation, integrated pest management, and small business management. Learn more about the Sustainable Crop Production major.

Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems: Sustainable Food Systems Option

Department of Health and Human Development

The Sustainable Food Systems option trains students in the natural and social sciences to evaluate and mitigate outcomes of complex interactions in the food system for human health and nutrition.  This option focuses on the interconnections between production, policy, food security, and health.  Learn more about the Sustainable Food Systems major.

Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems: Sustainable Livestock Production Option

Department of Animal and Range Sciences

Sustainable Livestock Production focuses on the biological understanding of animal agriculture and its continued presence in sustainable grazing systems as well as its potential role in sustainable farming systems. Learn more about the Sustainable Livestock Production major.

Graduate Programs

Sustainable Food Systems

Department of Health and Human Development

The sustainable food systems program focuses on sustainable food production, food preparation and processing, distribution, nutrition, and community food security in order for students to better understand how food systems influence health. Learn more about the Sustainable Food Systems masters program.