Assessment Committee
Purpose: To review current information/data or collect new data to assist in identifying issues; report general findings. Issues can be raised through the Assessment Committee or by constituent approaches to the commission or liaison contacts, etc.
Chair: Jessi Smith

Communication Committee
Purpose: To increase the visibility of the Commission, promote the purpose and accomplishments of the commission, recommend updates to the web site, and publicize its special programs and events.
Chair: Yvonne Rudman

Recognition Committee
Purpose: To implement and select the winners of the Commission’s recognition awards.
Chair: Betsy Danforth

Nominations Committee
Purpose: To solicit nominations for the executive and standing committee members and to replenish the appointed membership. The past-chair will oversee and handle the process for the Executive and Standing Committee member election processes, new appointed member nomination and selection process, and changes and amendments to bylaws.
Chair: Past-Chair of PCOSUW, Tracy Sterling

Policy Review Committee
Purpose: The PCOSUW has as its mission “ensuring an atmosphere of equity, support, and balance” and as such we have created an ad hoc Equity Policy Review Subcommittee to engage in on-going reactive and proactive policy review to identify current policies that need revision as well as suggest new policies to implement that promote this mission of the PCOSUW.
Chair: Jyl Shafer

Commission Members

Executive Committee 

Dr.Brett Gunnink (Co-Chair)
Rebecca Belou (Co-Chair)
Betsy Danforth
Maggie (Hammett) Hayes
Celia O'Connor
Dr. Jessi Smith
Jyl Shaffer, JD
Dr. Tracy Sterling (past co-chair)
Dr. Nika Stoop
Yvonne Rudman

Ad-Hoc Committees


Dr. Tracy Sterling (Chair) Bylaws updated AY15, AY17
Dr. Anne Camper 


Updated July 20, 2017