The Capstone Lecture Series was created to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience to the University community from faculty at the time of retirement. It provides an opportunity for the faculty member to convey any words of wisdom, encouragement, or guidance - to address any issue that the faculty member judges to be important as he/she transitions into retirement. The lecture is voluntary. Subject matter, approach, and appropriate audience (e.g., department, college, or general) are completely up to the retiring faculty member. The lecturer could review his/her academic career, perhaps emphasizing progress or changes that occurred in teaching, research, service, or administration. The lecturer could present the history of an academic unit or area of endeavor at MSU. The lecturer might identify important problems that need to be addressed by the next generation of scholars. The talk could be technical and focus on the faculty member's area of expertise, perhaps emphasizing outstanding accomplishments and contributions from MSU. The lecturer could review experiences in the classroom, including humorous or up-lifting interactions with the many students she/he taught over her/his career.  The lecture could provide guidance to new faculty members on how to navigate through life as a faculty member. There are so many facets to an academic career that these suggested lecture topics are only a few from a multitude of possibilities. The Capstone Lecture Committee of the MSU Association of Retired Faculty will facilitate the scheduling, publicity, etc. A written abstract of the lecture will be required prior to making formal arrangements for the lecture.

To express your interest in providing a capstone lecture, please check yes for the capstone lecture on the ARF Faculty Retirement Information Form.




Dr. Denbigh StarkeyEmeritus Professor of Computer Science, April 2, 2012

"The Life and Intelligence of Alan Turing",  who helped develop the first general purpose electronic computer.


Cathy Conover, Retired Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, February 16, 2012

"Hands-on, Active Learning: Six Sessions Lobbying in the Montana Legislature" 


Alan Leech and Karen Leech, Retiring Faculty from the School of Music, April 6, 2011

A capstone concert featuring the bassoon and saxophone by Alan Leech, accompanied by Karen Leech


Dr. Pierce Mullan, Professor Emeritus of History, April 15, 2010

"How I Came to Teach, But Stayed to Learn"


Dr. Gary Strobel, Professor Emeritus of Plant Science and Plant Pathology, February 24, 2010

"The Excitement and Fascination of Biodiscovery"


Dr. Gordon Brittan, Regents Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, October 7, 2009.

"Craven Images or the Relationship Between the Sciences and the Humanities"