Taking a CLEP Test can shorten your path to a college degree by allowing you to take course credits on subjects you already know. It can also assist you into taking advanced courses.

All CLEP® exam payments must be made by test-takers online through http://clep.collegeboard.org.

When test-takers sign up exams on My Account, they are issued a registration ticket to confirm their CLEP exam purchase.  Please call our office at 406-994-6984.  You are not scheduled for a CLEP exam until you contact us to schedule, even though you’ve set up an account and paid.

The day of the exam, you will be required to show one form of ID and pay a $30 test center/registration fee to MSU Testing Services (cash/check only).

Please allow 2 hours to complete this exam.

The Following Exams Have Course Equivalencies at MSU

If you need to take an exam for a class at another institution, please contact MSU Testing for details on additional exams offered.

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CLEP Exam MSU Course Credits CLEP Passing Score
Natural Resource Conservation NRSM 101: Natural Resource Conservation 3 50
Biology BIOB 160: Principles of Living Systems and                          
BIOB 170: Principles of Biological Diversity
8 50
Calculus M 171: Calculus I 4 50
Precalculus M 151: Precalculus 4 50
American Government PSCI 210: Introduction to American Government 3 50
History of the US I HSTA 101: American History I 4 50
History of the US II HSTA 102:American History II 4 50
Introduction to Educational Psychology EDU 222: Educ Psych & Child Development 3 50
Introductory Psychology PSYX 100: Intro to Psychology 3 50
Introductory Sociology SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology 3 50
Principles of Macroenomics ECNS 202: Principles of Macroeconomics 3 50
Principles of Microenomics ECNS 101:  Economic Way of Thinking 3 50
Western Civilization I HSTR 101: Western Civilization I 4 50
Western Civilization II HSTR 102: Western Civilization II 4 50
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature LIT 110: Introduction to Literature 3 50


Language CLEP Exams MSU Course Credits Current MSU Accepted Passing Score
French CLEP Exam Level 1 & 2 French 101 (FRCH) 3 39-49
French 101 & 102 (FRCH) 6 50-64
French 101, 102, & 201 (FRCH) 9 65
German CLEP Exam Level 1 & 2 German 101 (GRMN) 3 39-49
German 101 & 102 (GRMN) 6 50-64
German 101, 102, & 201 (GRMN) 9 65
Spanish CLEP Exam Level 1 & 2 Spanish 101 (SPNS) 3 50-56
Spanish 101 & 102 (SPNS) 6 57-68
Spanish 101, 102, & 201  (SPNS) 9 69-80


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Updated on: 03/01/2016