Math Placement Information

It is a university-wide policy that the prerequisites for mathematics and statistics courses will be enforced. The prerequisite skills can be verified via your AP CreditACT or SAT Math scores or by taking the Math Placement Level Exam (MPLEX).

The MSU math placement flow chart will give you an idea of which MSU mathematics or statistics course you can enroll in based on your current ACT or SAT Math scores. Please review the math placement flowchart here

If you would like to enroll in a higher-level math course than your score allows, you can attempt a higher placement by taking the Math Placement Level Exam (MPLEX) during your Orientation session or by scheduling an appointment with Testing Services

A sample MPLEX can be found on the mathematical sciences website at:

Keep in mind that placement exam scores are only good for one year. If you do not pass a math class within one year of testing, you will need to take the placement exam again.

To learn more about EdReady, visit There, you will find information on how to sign-up for EdReady, how to use the program, and helpful links to Math Placement, the MPLEX placement exam, and each major’s math requirement.

For more information about EdReady, please contact:

If you plan to use your ACT or SAT Math scores to satisfy the prerequisite and you have not already had your scores sent to MSU Admissions, please bring your test scores to orientation.  Please note that copies of these scores are UNOFFICIAL and will be used for advising purposes only.

If you have any questions regarding math placement, please contact Testing Services at (406) 994-6984 or Academic Advising at (406) 994-3532.


Language Placement at MSU

Please note: A webCAPE, CLEP, or AP exam is required for students with previous experience (at least a year of high school language) wishing to take French, German, or Spanish classes.

webCAPE exam information:

  • To take an exam, go to and and create an account
  • The cost is $10.
  • Print out your results or take a screenshot/picture of your score and bring it to The Department of Modern Languages in Gaines 117 (phone: 994-4448 or fax 994-6199). Students seeking placement into Spanish must also complete an oral proficiency interview. After discussing your score & placement, we will register you for a class.

AP exam information:

  • Offered through the Advanced Placement program at your high school.
  • Receive from 3 to 12 credits (up to four MSU classes) and placement in the appropriate course.
    • AP score of 3: 6 credits and placement in 201
    • AP Score of 4: 9 credits and placement in 220
    • AP Score of 5: 12 credits and placement in 300-level courses
  • Make sure that your results are sent to MSU so that you will receive credit here.
  • Talk to The Department of Modern Languages in Gaines 117 (phone: 994-4448 or fax 994-6199) about your score & placement in an MSU class.

CLEP exam information:

  • Receive from 3 to 9 credits (up to three MSU classes) and placement in the appropriate course.
  • Costs $110 at MSU and is offered through MSU’s Testing Services. Computer-based, multiple-choice format.
    • Apply and pay for test at
    • Schedule a test time with MSU’s Testing Services (Renne Library 19, 406-994-6984) or at another institution. For a location near you, search by state and city in the “Search Institutions” section at
    • If you are taking the exam at another institution, ask to have your results forwarded to MSU-Bozeman.
  • Is a computer-based test in a multiple-choice format. In two of the three sections, a paragraph is read to you, & in one section, you read the paragraph. The test takes a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Results are obtained at the completion of the test and are good for one year. If you don’t get the score you’d like, you must wait three months to re-take the exam.
  • Once you have the results, bring a copy to The Department of Modern Languages (phone: 406-944-4448, fax: 406-994-6199) and we can enroll you in the appropriate course. The sooner the better!