Below are a summary of guides for what Montana State University Communications and the university as a whole can provide for internal organizational needs. 

Icon of a Calendar

Promote an event


Icon of a speech bubble, hearts, thumbs up and other images associated with social media

Learn Social Media Best Practices


Icon of a megaphone

Create an information campaign


Icon of a t-shirt with an image on it

Use the MSU brand


Icon of images stacked on each other

Start a design project


Icon of a broken website

Fix a website issue


Icon of a person in a photo

Schedule a Portrait

Video playing icon

Film on Campus

Drone with a camera icon

Fly a Drone on Campus

Icon of a website being number 1 on google in rankings

Improve my website for better results

Icon of a newspaper

Suggest a news story


Icon of a graduation hat with an arrow pointing up to indicate an increase in college enrollment

Increase enrollment in my program


Icon of two speech bubbles

Respond to a media inquiry


Icon of a microphone

Make a media inquiry as a member of the media


Playing "live" word and symbol

Livestream my event

letterhead icon

Order a letterhead

Color formula guide icon

Print at MSU