Student Employment - Detail & Benefits

staff holding plated meals

What to Expect

We offer flexible, 2+ hour shifts, scheduled around your classes.
Students may work 2 to
20 hours per week,weekend and holiday shifts are also available.
Competitive pay - starting at $12.

No experience necessary - we train on the job!
All of our departments accept work study.

two student workers smiling while working in the dining hall kitchen

Incentives & Benefits

  • Reach 75 hours before Oct 9 - receive $150 bonus
  • $100 Refer-A-Friend bonus
  • Student management opportunities
  • Early dorm check in
  • Semester raises
two staff members making pizza dough

Dining Halls

Food prep, cooking, cleaning, delivery and dishwashing positions.
Work 2 shifts every other weekend.
Free meal with every shift.

student ordering from a staff member at a coffee shop

SUB Retail & Coffee Shops

SUB food courts, deli, and coffee shops across campus.
Barista, cashier, food prep, cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing positions.
50% off food discount at retail operations.
Free meal with shifts.

team of catering student workers


Food prep, serving, and dishwashing positions.
6 hrs/week minimum, guaranteed hours. 
Free meal with shifts.

two girls working at the concession stands


Work all football games and major events.
Shifts are mostly on nights and weekends.
Prep shifts available during the day.
Free meal with every shift.

Indulge bakery workers

Indulge Bakery & Salad Department

Food prep, baking, cleaning, and dishwashing positions.
Free meal with every shift.




portrait of a student worker

Felicity J

Union Market
I’ve worked with MSU’s Culinary Services for 3 years now and it is the most positive work environment I have ever been in. Not only is it a job that works perfectly with my school schedule, but the employees there are all incredibly encouraging and welcoming too!

portrait of a student worker

Erin W

SRO Coffee Shop
“I’ve worked for MSU’s Culinary Services for 5 years now and the people I have met through it have become so influential to me and my time at Montana State. I honestly would not have had the memorable college experience I did if it were not for the fun and energetic people also working alongside me.”

portrait of a student worker

Haley B

Indulge Bakery
"Working at Indulge Bakery has brought me so many opportunities that have been so positive during college. I have been able to work within a schedule that I can also attend classes with no stress. The staff are people that are kind and people who will push me to learn in a welcoming environment. I always know when I go in for a shift I will be met met with excitement."

portrait of a student worker

Hanna W

Indulge Bakery
"I have really enjoyed working at culinary services on campus because not only are the staff friendly but the hours fit in with your schedule. Most importantly, you are part of a team where no one is left behind; every individual matters. This job has brought many smiles and countless laughter."

portrait of student

Genaro R

“I like working for University Catering because the fast paced and friendly environment makes for a fun and dynamic work experience."

portrait of a student worker

Madison S

Rendezvous Dining Pavilion
“I enjoy working for culinary services at MSU because it is a great work environment with friendly staff and flexible scheduling! I have also gained many job skills throughout my work experience as a student manager.”