Being a part of Gallatin County 4-H opens a variety of activities for youth in their future.  Scholarships provide opportunities for youth to achieve goals and attend higher education.


Applications for scholarships should be mailed or dropped off at the Gallatin Extension Office on or before April 1.  

Application Form Packet:  This form needs only filled out once for 1 or all 3 scholarships listed below.

Frank & Vera Doney Scholarship


The Frank and Vera Doney Scholarship was established in December 2005. Eligible applicants must be a senior, enrolled in Gallatin County 4-H during the current year, and plan to study an agriculturally related major in higher education (including equine science and vet medicine). This scholarship is made possible through a generous donation by Ellis and Bette Doney, Robert and Kathy Doney, and Arleene Doney Weppler in memory of Frank and Vera Doney. Funds will be awarded after applicant provides proof of enrollment in higher education.

Ellis and Bette Doney             Robert and Kathy Doney                     Arleene Doney Weppler
PO Box 92                                836 15th Street                                      284 Rapelje Rd.
Lavina, MT 59046                   Havre, MT 59501                                    Columbus, MT 59019


Gallatin 4-H Foundation Scholarship


The Gallatin 4-H Foundation Scholarship was established in 2016.  Eligible applicants must be high school senior who participated in 4-H all through high school (4 years).  Be a 4-H club member for 4 year in high school and turn in a completed record book with application form.  Funds will be awarded after applicant has completed 1st semester of higher education and is enrolled for 2nd semester (proof of enrollment required).  

Market Livestock Scholarship



The Gallatin Market Livestock Scholarship was established in 2020.This scholarship is made possible through donations and commission from the Gallatin 4-H Market Livestock Sale.  Funds will be awarded after applicant provides proof of enrollment in higher education.  Eligible applicants must be: Active 4-H Enrollment status all through high school (4 years).  4-H club member all through high school (4 years). Must turn in 4-H record book with application.  Actively participated/sold in a 4-H market livestock project during 4 years of high school.  Must complete Gallatin 4-H Foundation Scholarship application paperwork.




Not only does Gallatin County provide scholarships for local youth, Montana 4-H Foundation provide scholarships for youth across Montana.  To view scholarships available, please visit their website.  (deadline is April 1) 


If you are interested in providing a scholarship to Gallatin 4-H youth, please contact the Extension Office to set up this opportunity.  It can be a one year opportunity or established for years to come!