Volunteers are a key aspect in the success of 4-H!

4-H Volunteers are so important each year to hold meetings, organize events, pass on their talents and knowledge, work behind the scenes, make time for helping youth and families, and so much more. 

Volunteers can lead Projects or Clubs, serve on Committees, Chaperone events, or assist at annual 4-H activities. 

Why Volunteer with 4-H:

  • You will help your local community!
  • You can share your skills and knowledge and help develop our local youth!
  • You can be more involved with your child's project!
  • Volunteering looks great on a resume!
  • You can learn something new!

How to Become a Gallatin County 4-H Volunteer:

Contact us at [email protected] or check out our current 4-H Year Club and Project Selection Guides for any Volunteer vacancies to see where you could be of help! 


Please follow these helpful steps to get enrolled in 4-H as a certified volunteer.

Step 1:


Enrollment opens on October 1st each year. Enrollment takes place online only at https://4h.zsuite.org/.

New, 1st time 4-H Volunteers will create an account, fill out all personal information, complete waivers and submit application for the County office to review and approve.

How To Enroll Guide

   Step 2:    Pay Fees

Pay annual Enrollment Fees via card through ZSuite Stripe, or check/cash at the Extension office. Volunteers pay a $10 fee upon enrolling. This fee helps covers insurance, the background check and cost of training.

Step 3: Background Check

The County 4-H Extension Agent will submit your New Volunteer information to Sterling Volunteers for a background check.

The State 4-H Office reviews background checks and notifies the County office if reference checks are needed. Reference Checks are only needed when the volunteer disclosed any flagged information (example: DUI). 

Step 4: Volunteer Orientation

Complete required Montana 4-H Volunteer Orientation Modules.

The Volunteer Orientation is the first training required by Montana 4-H for all volunteers. The orientation is designed to give all 4-H volunteers a basic understanding of the Montana 4-H program.

The orientation is accessed through your ZSuite enrollment under the Clover Academy tab. It only takes an hour to complete but can be broken up over multiple days by saving your progress. The Montana 4-H Volunteer Orientation modules are a one-time training, so once you complete these modules, you won’t be asked to do it again! 

Orientation How-To Guide

Orientation FAQ

*If you struggle with technology or have limited access to the internet, please contact us at the Gallatin 4-H Office to schedule a time to come in and complete the orientation on a computer at our office.

 Step 5:

State Approval

Once your background check is approved, you have paid your $10 annual fee, and your Volunteer Orientation Modules are completed the Montana 4-H Center (state office) will turn your volunteer profile "Active." 

Once marked “Active," you are now a certified volunteer for this 4-H Year, covered by our 4-H  insurance and are allowed to conduct 4-H youth meetings/events/activities.

Step 6: Trainings

The Gallatin 4-H Leader's Council usually offers 1-3 in-person Volunteer trainings throughout the year for new or returning volunteers to attend. Each year the topics vary, but usually cover topics such as Policies, Fundraising, Record Books, and County Event Info (fair, contests, workshops). 

You may schedule one-on-one meetings or trainings with the County 4-H Extension Agent as well. We are here to help!

Step 7: Newsletter Blurbs

Read the monthly 4-H Newsletter for program updates and information!


If you are a Club/Project volunteer, we recommend you include a "blurb" in your project/club's section in each monthly newsletter. Please send us your submission by the 23rd of each month in order to be able to publish. 

Step 8:

Start Volunteering

Welcome! You are a Certified Volunteer with Gallatin County 4-H! We look forward to working with you. 

Check out our Volunteer Resources Page for other helpful documents, forms and information!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at the Gallatin 4-H Office 

4-H Assistant: Colyn ([email protected])

4-H Extension Agent: Molly ([email protected])

Administrative Assistant: Kari ([email protected])

We look forward to helping you find the avenue you can help.


Volunteer in 4-H


   Ways to Volunteer




For More Information Contact: 

Gallatin County MSU Extension | 903 North Black Ave | Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 582-3280 | [email protected]