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The Montana IPM Bulletin presents critical pest management & pesticide education articles for Montana homeowners, pesticide applicators, farmers and ranchers. These articles are designed to deliver timely updates from an unbiased perspective that are specific to Montana. This is a cooperative effort between Montana State University pesticide education and integrated pest management programs. This bulletin is no longer being published.


Spring and fall Montana IPM Bulletins are grouped by year.  Individual articles are listed below each bulletin title.

Offline bulletins are available upon request.  PDFs can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat or Sumatra PDF

Spring 2019 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Management of Wireworms: Present Status
  2. MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program Recognizes Two Trainers for Statewide Impacts
  3. Kochia and Russian Thistle: Omnipresent Weeds that will Only Get Tougher to Control
  4. Evaluating a New Herbicide for Controlling Grasses in Non-Crop Areas
  5. Pest Management Toolkit
  6. Ask the Expert
  7. Meet Your Specialist: David Wheeler

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Fall 2018 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Control of Fusarium Pathogens in Cereals
  2. Here It Comes: Cheatgrass Emergence Season
  3. Paraquat Mitigation Measures Approved by the EPA
  4. A Perennial Problem: Revisiting Control Methods for Canada Thistle
  5. Ask the Expert
  6. Meet Your Specialist
  7. Pest Management Toolkit

Spring 2018 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Sticky Barriers Protect Urban Trees from Aphids
  2. New Resources from Montana State University’s IPM Program
  3. Look for Ventenata this Summer
  4. Montana State University, the next host institution of the Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program
  5. Ask the Expert
  6. Pest Management Toolkit
  7. Meet Your Specialist

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Fall 2017 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Cercospora Leaf Spot on Sugarbeet
  2. Weed Management Lessons from a Warm and Dry Summer
  3. Increasing Funding for Pesticide Education Trainings across Montana
  4. Common Burdock
  5. Preventing Herbicide Injury to Non-Target Plants: What Can You do as an Herbicide Applicator
  6. Ask the Expert
  7. Pest Management Toolkit
  8. Meet Your Specialist: Toby Day

Spring 2017 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Pea Leaf Weevil (PLW): Sitona lineata
  2. Cheatgrass Suppressive Bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens
  3. Is this Plant a Weed, a Noxious Weed, an Invasive Weed, or a “Superweed”?
  4. Fungicide Use in Field Crops: Benefits and Risks
  5. Pest Management Tool Kit
  6. Purchasing and Preparing Pesticide Equipment for Spot Applications
  7. Ask the Expert
  8. Meet Your Specialist: Sarah Eilers

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Fall 2016 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Fall is a Great Time to Control Pocket Gophers
  2. Noxious Weeds and Montana Grazing Lands: An Economic Perspective
  3. Management of Glyphosate (RoundUp and generic products) Resistant Kochia with Soil Applied Herbicides
  4. Fumigants offer Unique Approach to Managing Rodents and Structural Insects
  5. Management of Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus in Cereals Requires Integrated Pest Management
  6. Ask the Expert
  7. Meet Your Specialist
  8. Pest Management Toolkit

Spring 2016 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Pestweb: The Montana Orange Wheat Blossom Midge Monitoring Project
  2. EPA Proposing Strong Steps to Prevent Poisoning from Paraquat
  3. All Thistles Are Not Created Equal
  4. Pest Management Tool Kit
  5. Ask the Expert
  6. Glyphosate-Resistant Conyza canadensis (marestail, horseweed) Confirmed in NE Montana
  7. Meet Your Specialist: Jessica Rupp

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Fall 2015 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Montana Noxious Weed List Revisions
  2. Biology, Ecology, and Management of Foxtail Barley
  3. Challenges of Managing Seed-born Fungal Diseases of Pulse Crops
  4. EPA Proposes New Pesticide Certification and Training Requirements for Licensed Pesticide Applicators
  5. Ask the Expert
  6. Pest Management Toolkit
  7. Meet Your Specialist: Noelle Orloff


Spring 2015 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Sustainable Management Strategies for Control of Flea Beetles
  2. Collecting and Submitting Plant Disease, Insect and Plant Identification Samples for Diagnosis to the Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory
  3. Bulbous Bluegrass (Poa bulbosa)
  4. Pest Management Toolkit
  5. Respiratory Protection of Increasing Concern for Montana Pesticide Applicators
  6. Meet Your Specialist: Emily Glunk
  7. Ask the Experts

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Fall 2014 Montana IPM Bulletin

  1. Crop Harvesting and Weed Management
  2. Sugarbeet Integrated Pest Management Impacts in Montana
  3. Regional Private Applicator Programs
  4. What’s That Grass Growing on the Other Side of the Fence?
  5. Ask the Expert
  6. Pest Management Toolkit
  7. Meet Your Specialist: Eva Grimme
  8. Acknowledgments

Spring 2014 Montana IPM Bulletin (4.3MB PDF)

  1. Medusahead is in Montana
  2. Weed management in a changing climate
  3. Horn fly control for rangeland and pastured beef cattle
  4. Proposed changes to Worker Protection Standards
  5. On farm research
  6. Meet Laurie Kerzicnik (Insect Diagnostician)

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Fall 2013 Montana IPM Bulletin (4.7MB PDF)

  1. Steps to protecting pollinators from pesticides
  2. Weed seeds as hitchhikers
  3. Use of digital technologies for plant pest diagnosis
  4. Weed seedling ID guide
  5. Meet Linnea Skogland
  6. Wheat Midge: Increasing pest threat to MT spring wheat

Spring 2013 Montana IPM Bulletin (2.8MB PDF)

  1. Glyphosate resistant kochia confirmed in MT
  2. Controlling cheatgrass with imazapic (Plateau) on rangeland
  3. IPM of foliar diseases in pulse crops
  4. Meet Cecil Tharp

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Fall 2012 Montana IPM Bulletin (4MB PDF)

  1. Rangeland revegetation revisited
  2. Weed management lessons from a dry and hot summer
  3. Driftwatch now available in Montana
  4. Montana producers should monitor fields for wireworms
  5. Meet Mary Burrows

Spring 2012 Montana IPM Bulletin (968KB PDF)

  1. Will Montana Dodge the Grasshopper "Bullet"
  2. Western Salsify: A new weedy threat
  3. Ascochyta in pulse crops
  4. Meet Fabian Menalled and Spring Preparation of Spray Equipment

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Fall 2011 Montana IPM Bulletin (3.9MB PDF)

  1. Winterizing Spray Equipment and Cold Storage of Pesticides
  2. Vehicles and Weed Dispersal
  3. Narrowleaf Hawksbeard
  4. Managing Plant Diseases
  5. Meet Dr. Kevin Wanner

Spring 2011 Montana IPM Bulletin (1.5MB PDF)

  1. Weed Management for Lawns
  2. Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and Stripe Rust
  3. Good News for Farm Applicators regarding NPDES Permits
  4. Potential Biocontrol for Cheatgrass
  5. Mountain Pine Beetle
  6. Meet Dr. Jane Mangold

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Fall 2010 Montana IPM Bulletin (816KB PDF)

  1. Bed Bugs & Pesticides
  2. Plant Disease in MT
  3. Fall Weed Control
  4. Aquatic Invasive Plants
  5. Wireworms in MT
  6. Papers to Ponder
  7. Ask the Expert
  8. Pest Mgmt Tool Kit

June 2010 Montana IPM Bulletin (863KB PDF)

  1. Digital Resources for IPM
  2. Restructured MT Noxious Weed List
  3. MSU Crops and Weeds Field Day
  4. Grasshoppers in Rangeland and Cropland
  5. New Restrictions on Phosphine Fumigants

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December 2009 Montana IPM Bulletin (624KB PDF)

  1. Healthier Approach to School Pest Control
  2. Residual Herbicide can Damage Sensitive Plants
  3. Early Detection Helps Prevent Yellow Star Thistle
  4. The Changing Perspectives Towards Pesticide Safety
  5. New Changes to 2010 Master Gardner Program
  6. Pesticide News and Programs of Interest

May 2009 Montana IPM Bulletin (566KB PDF)

  1. Safety when Using Homemade Pesticide Remedies
  2. Read The Product Label when Controlling Mountain Pine Beetle
  3. Future Programs, Recent Pesticide Alerts of Montana Interest
  4. CAPS
  5. Pesticide Disposal 2009
  6. IPM in Schools
  7. Cheatgrass Control

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December 2008 Montana IPM Bulletin (2MB PDF)

  1. Honey Bee Colapse Disorder
  2. Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory
  3. Wireworm Control
  4. Glyphosate Damage
  5. EPA Local Reports
  6. Private Applicator Programs

April 2008 Montana IPM Bulletin (2.3MB PDF)

  1. Pesticide Concentrations in GNP
  2. Ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and pocket gophers
  3. Homeland Security Requirements
  4. Surface Water Monitoring
  5. Long Term Pesticide Exposure
  6. IR-4
  7. Pesticide Disposal Program
  8. Questions & Comments

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September 2007 Montana IPM Bulletin (1.4MB PDF)

  1. Online Credit Opportunities
  2. Haanchen Mealybug
  3. West Nile Virus
  4. Your Child’s Saftey
  5. Training Tour
  6. Worker Protection
  7. Questions & Comments

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