Individuals interested in an administrative or teacher license must meet the requirements set forth by the Office of Public Instruction (OPI).  General requirements are:

  • Successful completion of an educator prepartion program at an accredited institution
  • Completion of an appropriate field experience
  • Praxis Subject Exam (if required)

The Field Placement & Licensure Office (FPLO) shall ensure all academic and OPI requirements are met prior to recommending individuals for licensure in the specific classifications below. View the requirements for the endorsement you are seeking by selecting the appropriate license class.

If you graduated more than 14 semesters ago (7 years), your coursework will need to be evaluated to  determine if it meets current licensure standards. For more detailed information see the LEAT Process page.

The Class 2 standard teacher license is issued by OPI and valid for five years. To be eligible for licensure recommendation in Montana, individuals must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, have successfully completed a teacher education program including appropriate supervised teaching experience, seek a qualifying licensure endorsement area approved by the Board of Public Education (BPE), and take a Praxis subject assessment exam in the endorsement area.

The Department of Education offers two options for those individuals pursuing an initial teacher licensure:

  • Undergraduate Teacher Education Program
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program for those qualified individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree and who live and wish to teach in rural communities within Montana. The MAT is a full-time intensive program requiring a one-year commitment.


To be recommended for a Montana Class 2 initial educator license, teacher candidates must meet these requirements:

1. Bachelor or Master of Arts in Teaching degree awarded and posted.

2.  Score a minimum of seven (7) points on the Montana Assessment of Content Knowledge (MACK) which features the three categories below. Each category is assigned points:

  • Assessment of content knowledge GPA at or above 2.65 (see NOTE below) in an approved endorsement area.
  • Assessment of content knowledge demonstrated during student teaching (completed by cooperating teacher) at or above 2.00 (CKA range is 1.50 - 2.49). 
  • Pass Praxis subject assessment exam with at least 90% minimum. View Praxis Subject Exam Resources and Materials for additional information. Scores must be sent to MSU Field Placement and Licensure Office (institution code 4488)

Again, teacher candidates must earn a minimum of seven (7) points totality in these three areas to be recommended for licensure.  A candidate cannot score a “1” in any of the categories.  For candidates who do not meet the threshold in one or more of the multiple assessments of content knowledge, a further review of the candidate’s content knowledge and teachings will be conducted by MSU to determine whether the candidate merits recommendation for licensure. 

(NOTE:  Must meet MSU minimum 2.75 > GPA content knowledge requirement, NOT the MACK minimum 2.65 > GPA content knowledge requirement.)

Montana Assessment of Content Knowledge (OPI)

Initial Educator License Application Process

To initiate licensure, teacher candidates should:

Ensure that the FPLO office has the following...

1.  Make sure official Praxis Scores are sent to the FPLO Office. Submit these scores with your university reccomendation request.

2. Applicants should refer to OPI's website for detailed instruction on application. MSEIS is now closed to applicants. 

A university recommendation for licensure will not occur until teacher candidate submits the application to OPI. 

2. Official Transcripts. Follow the How to Order Official MSU Transcripts. Transcripts must be sent to OPI.

3. Submit an Educator Licensure Request form to MSU FPLP Office. Requests are only accepted electronically! The Licensure Technician will review the teacher candidate file and make a university recommendation once all requirements are met. Please note processing requests takes 6-8 weeks.

4. Read, sign, and date the Licensure Acknowledgement Form and submit with your electronic licensure request.

Please note:

Teacher candidates should anticipate 6-8 weeks turnaround time for processing of the university educator licensure recommendation. Additionally, OPI will take 6-8 weeks to process all licensure applications. 

Where to send necessary information: 

To OPI: 

  • Refer to their website for guidelines. 


  • Educator Licensure Request form
  • Praxis Scores
  • Licensure Acknowledgement Form

To Department of Justice: 

  • New Fingerprints as explained above

How to Apply for Initial Licensure Presentation

MAT Graduates Initial Licensure Presentation

License Information By State

If you currently hold a MT Class 1 or 2 license and are interested in adding an endorsement, go to our Added Endorsements web page for information on getting started. 


To Complete the Added Endorsement Recommendation: 

Once candidates complete the following, submit the Added Endorsement University Recommendation Request form:


  • Complete all requirements outlined on LEAT form
  • Taken and passed appropriate Praxis Content Area exam and shared the results with the Field Placement and Licensure Office
  • Completed summative assignment in CEEX 280 or other outlined/documented clinical experience required for your new endorsement area


Candidates are responsible for working directly with the Licensure staff at the Office of Public Instruction to apply for the new content area endorsements.


Candidates need to ensure that official transcripts for all coursework taken outside MSU applied to the new endorsement be sent to the Field Placement Office. Please send attention to Jamie O’Callaghan.


Candidates are responsible for sending all official transcripts for endorsement coursework (including coursework taken at MSU) to the Office of Public Instruction.


Please anticipate an 8-week processing time, based on the submission request date.


Incomplete applications will experience significant delay in your processing time.

The Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership degree is designed to meet the needs of those who desire positions in school leadership: K-12 Principal or Curriculum Director. The MEd in Educational Leadership degree allows candidates to gain certification in Montana as a K-12 Principal.  Once candidates complete the degree and earn principal license certification they may take additional coursework to obtain superintendent licensure.  This can be accomplished through earning an Education Specialist (EdS) degree or completing the School Superintendent Certificate program. For questions about these two endorsements, please go to the Department of Education Graduate Programs website for additional information.

Administrator candidates must meet these requirements to be recommended for the Class 3 Principal K-12 license:

  • Completed Masters of Education in Educational Leadership
  • Current Montana Class 1 or 2 License
  • Praxis Subject Exam. Take the Praxis Education Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5412) exam. Request ETS to send the Praxis Score Report to MSU when registering for the exam—not necessary to send to OPI.

Class 3 Principal Licensure Process

To initiate licensure, please submit the following:Complete and submit to the Field Placement and Licensure office.

  1. Educator Licensure Request Form.
  2. Praxis Subject Exam.  Education Leadership: Administration and Supervision (Code 5412). Minimum passing score=149. Request ETS to send the Praxis Score Report to MSU when registering for the exam—not necessary to send to OPI. 
  3. Submit to OPI the following:

Administrator candidates must meet these requirements to be recommended for the Class 3 Superintendent license:

  1. Educator Licensure Request Form. Submitting this request will initiate a recommendation.
  2. Refer to OPI's Class 3 Administrator License Superintendent webpage for all required documents to submit.
  3. Visit the Educational Leadership School Superintendent Certificate Program webpage for additional information on this endorsement.

There are two paths for individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree who wish to obtain a teaching license or an added endorsement through the Field Placement and Licensure Office:

  • Class 5 Provisional License
  • Board of Public Education (BPE) Internship Program.

Individuals will be guided through a Licensure Endorsement Assessment Tool (LEAT) process to determine the path of eligibility by our Post Baccalaureate Specialist, Jamie O'Callaghan. Individuals must contact Ms. O'Callaghan before beginning the LEAT process.

The Class 5/BPE Internship added endorsement categories that MSU sponsors are: 

  •  Early Childhood-P3
  • Elementary K-8
  • Secondary Education 5-12 and K-12 (see NOTE)
  • Principal K-12
  • Superintendent
  • Library Media Certificate K-12
  • Master’s Family and Consumer Sciences (see NOTE)
  • School Counselor

MSU does not sponsor any other endorsement categories. 

NOTE:  Post-Baccalaureate individuals seeking an added endorsement in Family and Consumer Sciences will follow the LEAT process.  Otherwise, those seeking a Master’s in Family and Consumer Sciences should contact that department directly.

Applications are accepted in the fall.  Deadline date is September 1st.  Individuals must contact our Post Baccalaureate Specialist, Jamie O'Callaghan, prior to applying for the Class 5 Provisional License.  Visit the Class 5 Provisional License website for more details about the license.

The Class 5 Provisional License is not renewable and may be issued only once per educator license and is valid for three (3) years.

Applications are accepted in the fall.  Deadline date is September 1st.  Individuals must contact our Post Baccalaureate Specialist, Jamie O'Callaghan, prior to applying for the BPE Internship Program.

The BPE Internship Program website provides individuals with details regarding eligibility, requirements, and the application process.

The Library Media Program will result in a K-12 Library Media Specialist endorsement on an existing teaching license.  Library Media is not an initial licensure endorsement. Applicants must specify on their application to the program if they require a Montana provisional license.

For more information go to the Library Media Certificate website for program admission and requirements. Contact the program advisor, Dr. Deborah Rinio,  for specific questions about the program.

The master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences is housed in the Department of Health and Human Development at MSU.  The master’s degree creates opportunities for students to develop a deeper and applied understanding of family and human development theory, research methods, and program planning and evaluation. The master’s degree is designed to accommodate students who wish to attend graduate school full-time (blended face-to-face and only courses) and working professionals who require more flexibility (all online).  For more information go to the Graduate Family and Consumer Sciences webpage for program admission and requirements.  Contact the program coordinator, Nicole Wanago, or J. Mitchell Vaterlaus, for specific questions about the program.

The Licensure Technician will make recommendation for the Class 6 School Counselor educator license when an individual satisfies all the requirements of the MSU School Counseling Program and submit/complete the following:

Career or Technical Specialists

If you desire a Class 4 Montana Teaching Certification/Licensure, please contact the Montana Office of Public Instruction rather than the MSU Office of Field Placement and Licensure.  Information about this licensure can be viewed at OPI's Class 4 Career and Technical Teaching License.

Licensed Teacher Out-of-State Seeking Montana Teaching Licensure

If you are certified to teach in another state and wish to obtain Montana teaching licensure, you must FIRST apply through OPI. If you are denied certification due to needed requirements and can document this denial, the MSU Office of Field Placement and Licensure will review your request.  Please contact their Post-Baccalaureate Specialist, Jamie O’Callaghan, ([email protected]), for information on completing the Licensure Endorsement Assessment Tool (LEAT) process.


Montana Licensed Teachers  Seeking University Recommendation for Out of State Licensure or In State Verification

If you are a currently licensed Montana educator and are seeking university verification of your credential for another states' licensing or for MSU alumni who need verifications of program. please complete and submit the

University Verification Form for Licensed Educators or MSU Completers 


Other licensure requests

If your licensure request is not captured in the variety of request forms offered, please submit your paperwork through the form below and it will be interally routed to the correct agent. No blank paperwork will be accepted.

Applicant Non-Defined Licensure Requests