Program Costs

Estimated MS/DI Tuition and Fees for 2023-25 cohort ***

MDI Application Fee*


Program Enrollment Fee**^
37 Graduate Credits, Tuition + Fees*** (Resident) 
37Graduate Credits,Tuition + Fees*** (Non-Resident)

$22,746 Resident)

$25,516 (Non-Resident)

Estimated Non-Degree DI Tuition and Fees for 2023-24 cohort **

MDI Application Fee*
Program Enrollment Fee**^
12 Graduate Credits Tuition Fee** (Resident)
12 Graduate Credits Tuition Fee** (Non-Resident)        

$14,999 (Resident)

$16,222 (Non-Resident) 

*The nonrefundable MDI application fee is separate from the DICAS application fee and should be postmarked by the application deadline. 

**All fees subject to change according to Montana Board of Regents directive updates. 

^The Program Enrollment fee is assessed during the supervised practice semesters, half ($5,610) in Fall and half in spring semester of the second year.

*** Tuition fees for the MS/MDI degree are based on estimated graduate level tuition and student fees for the current year and are subject to change.

The Program Fee Includes:

  • Professional liability insurance coverage
  • MSU library access
  • Program activities associated with orientation, professional development, supervised practice, graduation week, MTAND Food & Nutrition Summit, and RDN exam preparation.

Estimated Annual Intern Living Expenses*

Travel (will vary according to location, vehicle and insurance) $1,500
Housing (will vary according to individual situation) $7,500-9,000
Optional books and supplies $300-500
Medical exams, immunizations, etc. $150
Health insurance (will vary according to coverage) $2,000
Laptop computer with internet capability $1,500
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics student membership $58
Online Records Management System DI year (background check, drug screen and immunization records) $150

* This is only an estimate of possible expenses. Some expenses may not be incurred, while others may be less or more depending on individual situations and choices.

Financial Aid

Both programs, MS/MDI and MDI, provide graduate level credits and meet the requirements for federal financial aid in semesters when students are registered for at least 6 credits. Additionally, other assistance may be available to interns in the form of scholarships and short-term loans depending on individual eligibility. Loan information and applications are available from the Office of Financial Aid Services located in the Student Union Building at MSU-Bozeman or on the MSU website. The MSU Financial Aid Office telephone number is (406) 994-2845. 


MDI has several individual scholarships available in the DI year. In 2022-2023, MDI awarded nearly $20,000 in scholarships to 13 incoming interns. Information on applying is provided to the incoming DI year students.

Scholarships will be awarded prior to the start of supervised practice hours. 

Interns may also want to consider national scholarship programs and are encouraged to apply directly to:

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Contact information for questions regarding the AND application process can be directed to

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

(800) 877-100, ext. 1133

Or email:  [email protected]