PREREQUISITE: CHMY 141 and CHMY 143, and BIOB 260; at least junior standing, GPA >3.0 and consent of instructor. This shadowing experience will provide students with the opportunity to observe providers in a clinical setting and position them to meet, in part, the requirements for application to health professional school. 

Please note: Students that have sucessfully completed BIOB 160 are eligible and do not need to take BIOB 260 for this course.

The HPA office coordinates the clinical placements and oversees the academic components to this course for students interested in shadowing in the following areas of healthcare: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, PA, physical therapy, occuptational therapy, chiropractics, athletic training (not fitness), cardiac/pulmonary rehab, SLP, etc. Students should refrain from setting up their own placement. Students who set-up their own placement will be disqualified from enrolling in the course due to the priority list and waitlist for the course.

Please Note: With the current COVID-19 pandemic, clinical site placements are limited and availability may change on a month to month basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding as our medical community deals with this challenging environment. 



Students who are interested in this course should review the educational video and complete the application. After submitting the application, students should make an appointment and meet with Hilary in the semester before they plan to enroll in this course.

Update: Students should be aware that many clinical sites are requesting or requiring students to be fully vaccinated before beginning their observation. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Hilary at [email protected]

Application Due Dates:

Due date for Spring semester enrollment: October 8th 

Due date for Summer AND Fall semester enrollment: March 1st



Students with questions should e-mail Hilary Becker at [email protected]









Created 02/2021

Updated 01/2022