To help students understand the journey towards becoming a healthcare professional, here is one example of a 4-year timeline. Please note: This example may not be all encompassing  It is important to note that each persons journey is unique and can take different durations depending on starting point. This is only meant as an educational tool and students are encouraged to work with an advisor to create their own personal timeline and plan. 

Example for student pursuing medical school. 
  Year 1 (Explore) Year 2 (Build) Year 3 (Apply) Year 4 (Evaluate)
  • Explore and find the best major for you.
  • Work towards a strong GPA (3.5 or higher)
  • Utilize campus resources for academics and establish good study skills.
  • Visit with HPA
  • Continue to work towards a strong GPA (3.5 or higher)
  • Build or maintain relationships with faculty and advisors. 
  • Visit with HPA
  •  Review course materials and prepare for admissions exams.
  • HMED 440 or other for shadowing experiences
  • Visit with HPA
  •  Finish coursework
  • Continue with parallel plans.
  • Visit with HPA
  • Graduate!
  • Explore and find campus clubs, volunteer opportunities, or research opportunities.
  • Continue work in clubs, volunteering, and research. 
  •  Continue work in clubs, volunteering, and research. 
  • Take on leadership roles.
  •  Continue work in clubs, volunteering, and research. 
Application preparation and completion
  • Create a plan and set intermediate and long-term goals. 
  • Understand general pre-reqs for professional schools. 
  • Refine list of schools for application
  • Double check specific requirements of each school.
  •  Prepare and take admissions  tests
  • Attend Prep2Apply (Spring)
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Submit applications
  • Complete secondary applications
  •  Attend interviews

Updated: 12/2020