Drop-in Schedule:

spring 2023 peer schedule




Hi, my name is Emma Kerkering and I am a senior majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with minors in Global Health and Hispanic Studies! I am originally from Spokane, WA but I love Montana! I work on the surgical floor of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and also in the MSU Sleep Research Lab. I love hiking, running, and skiing, and spending all my time outside! I hope to go to medical school and I am interested in pediatrics. 

Weekly Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4-5pm

I enjoy the typical Bozeman outdoor activities; skiing, climbing, biking, and hiking. I grew up in Anchorage, AK, and earned a BS in Science, Technology, and International Affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I'm currently employed as an EMT-Basic with AMR Inc., and I will be volunteering as a ski patroller at Big Sky this winter. I finished a premedical postbaccalaureate in the spring of 2022, and am in the medical school application process. 

Weekly Hours: 

Hey guys! My name is Stella Marquardt, I grew up in Missoula and I am a Junior here. I am majoring in exercise science with a certificate in entrepreneurship. My ultimate dream is to go to dental school. The field of dentistry has always been very fascinating to me and I am excited to talk to others about this passion!  Although I am pretty busy with my school work, I love having fun too. Some things I enjoy are traveling, skiing, fishing, and hunting. I love fishing local rivers around Missoula, and I am also excited to be a volunteer with the Eagle Mount ski program. Go cats!

Weekly Hours: Thursday 9am-12pm

Hi! My name is Brenden Anderson. I am a senior in Chemical Engineering and an MD applicant. I spend most weekends hiking, fishing, and backpacking in Montana. Though I am always eager for my next adventure, I will always say yes to a Star Wars movie marathon. As I pursue a career in either emergency or ICU medicine, I am glad to share my experiences, knowledge, and insight as you embark on the amazing (but rigorous) journey of medicine. Feel free to drop in during my office hours to ask questions, have me read over your writing, or just chat.

Weekly Hours: Monday 12-2pm and 3-4pm

Hello! My Name is Ochuwa and I am from Edo State, Nigeria, however, I spent most of my life in Lagos State. My Nigerian name Ochuwa means She that brings wealth and good things. I am currently studying Biomedical Science and Organismal Biology in hopes to be an Ob/Gyn in the future years to come. I am currently working in a sleep research lab and at Bozeman Health as a patient care technician. I dedicate part of my time to tutoring students, volunteering up at the hospital, and in the past with Conversations to Remember. In my free time, I like to sleep, knit, crotchet, and cook my traditional delicacies. Also, when I really have time, I love to watch Anime. My current fave is Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood and Demon Slayer 😊. Also, I am kind of a workaholic 🤷🏿‍♀️. Hope to meet you all soon and hope you have an amazing semester!

Weekly Hours: Friday 10am-12pm

I love working out and being outside, especially hiking and skiing. I plan on going to medical school in Tennessee, Hawaii, or Texas and will be applying Spring of 2023. My favorite color is green and I love dad jokes, so ask me for one or two or more. I also work nights  at the hospital as a nurse aide. Feel free to ask me any questions you want and email me if my office hours don’t work for you!

Weekly Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 12-1pm

My name is Ronnie Patyna (she/her), I am a psychology major on the premed track. I am also working on two minors: one in Latin American studies and the other in Global Health. I’m planning to do Peace Corps after undergrad and then going to medical school to become a rural family practice doctor! I’m also big into rodeo and I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a cowgirl. I don’t bite so feel free to reach out! 

Weekly Hours: Wednesday 10am-12pm

My name is Ximena Rosas, and I'm from Sidney, Montana. I am a junior, majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. I plan on attending medical school, hopefully in Colorado or Texas. The top 3 specialties I am most interested in as of now are neurology, geriatrics, and emergency medicine. I am a CAP mentor through THRIVE, a member of Be The Match, and a volunteer at Highgate Senior Living. Also, I am a TA for Anatomy and Physiology II this semester. When I'm not on campus, I love golfing, watching football and Grey's Anatomy, and hanging out with friends. Excited for my first semester as a Peer Advisor!

Weekly Hours: Thursday 9-11am and 2-3pm

Hi! My name is Ani Mason. I’m currently a senior majoring in Exercise Science and am in the process of applying to PT school. I’m originally from Hamilton, Montana and enjoy everything outdoors. In my spare time I can be found hiking, gardening, baking, reading, or crafting. I enjoy volunteering around Bozeman at various community gardens, Eagle Mount, and Rock Steady Boxing. On campus I keep myself busy finding different ways to be involved, whether through campus events, peer mentoring, guiding tours, or cheering on the Bobcats. I have also taken a range of classes, some of my favorites being Tissue Injury and Adaptation, Kinesiology, and Anthropology. I’m excited to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with other pre-health students!

Weekly Hours: Tuesday 11am-1pm
Alex Lowe

Hi, my name is Alex Lowe and I’m a junior studying Health and Human performance. My goal is to be a doctor of physical therapy and treat a wide variety of people. I grew up in northwest Montana and in my free time I love to workout, play basketball, golf, and travel when I can. I also really enjoy being involved in exercise science club, volunteering at the nursing home, working as a student assistant for A&P, and working at the health clinic here on campus. I’d be happy to talk and share my experiences and tips to help you find the resources and opportunities that can help you make the most of your time here. 

Weekly Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2-4pm
Anna Farago

Hey there! My name is Anna Farago and I am a junior studying Food and Nutrition Science. My career goal is to be a Physician Assistant. I am from Missoula, MT (but I still cheer on the cats)! On campus, I am an officer of the Student Health Advisory Committee and the Exercise Science club. I also dedicate my time to being a research assistant for the Stress, Adversity, Resilience, and Health Lab (SARAH) and an SA for Anatomy and Physiology II.  When I am not at school, you can find me working as a certified pharmacy & immunization technician and as a patient care technician at Bozeman Health. My hobbies include all typical Montana things: skiing, hiking, and fishing. I am eager to share my experiences with you all!  

Weekly Hours: Monday 10am-1pm and Wednesday 12-1pm
Prestynn Weldon

Hi! My name is Prestynn Weldon, and I’m from Butte, MT. I love to travel, and have been to more countries than I have states! I also enjoy skiing, hiking, cooking, and most importantly, being with friends and family. I am a senior majoring in Business Management while taking the prerequisites for dental school. I often get asked why I am majoring in business when I plan to attend dental school after undergrad. My answer is this: I want to own and operate my own practice and have always been fascinated by the management aspect of a business. This past summer, I worked as an orthodontic assistant. I have also been a supervisor for the Butte Country Club for the past 3 years. I would love to share my experiences and knowledge to other like-minded individuals! Feel free to stop by or email me with questions or if you want to chat! 

Weekly Hours: Monday 10-12pm and Tuesday 1-3pm