What is Prep2Apply?

Prep2Apply is a non-credit (free) workshop hosted by the Office of Health Professions Advising to help current and alumni (gradautes within the last 2 years) MSU students complete final preparations for their health professions school (Medical, Dental, PA, Optotometry, Pharmacy, Pt, OT, Chiropractics, AT, etc.) applications. 

Please note that as of May 2023, we do not anticipate providing committee letters from our office for the 2025 cycle (next Spring 2024) due to staffing numbers and large student loads. If you started the committee letter process with us in Spring 2023 and meet our eligibility requirements to fulfill that previous request, please contact our office. In the future if our staffing needs increase, we will re-start this service. We appologize for any incovience.

We will continue to provide letter packets for students and require a request be submitted through the Prep2Apply D2L site by April 2nd. To get added to that site, please complete the registration form below.

When is it?

This is now a self-paced workshop that students complete on their own time. We will re-start the program every Fall and begin enrolling applicants at the end of November. 

Who is eligible? How to I sign-up?

All current students and MSU alumni (who gradauted within the last 2 years) are eligible to participate in Prep2Apply.

Please complete this short registration form to be added to the Prep2Apply Spring workshop D2L site. Applicants can be expected to see the D2L site become available in late Novemeber.

Updated: 05/2023