What is Prep2Apply?

Prep2Apply is a non-credit (free) workshop hosted by the Office of Health Professions Advising to help current and alumni (gradautes within the last 2 years) MSU students complete final preparations for their health professions school (Medical, Dental, PA, Optotometry, Pharmacy, Pt, OT, Chiropractics, AT, etc.) applications. The workshop is repeatable and students are encouraged to participate the year prior to and year of their first application cycle. 

When is it?

The general information about the application process and application procedures are presented in a self-paced workshop that students complete on their own time. Writing workshop meetings will be hosted in-person and online starting in February. They will focus on important aspects of the personal statement and activity essay's for the primary application. We will re-start the program every Fall and begin enrolling applicants at the end of November. Enrolled applicants will have access to the site and support resources for a 12-month period. 

The Prep2Apply Workshop D2L site is now live. Students should see it appear within a week after completing the registration form (found below).

Who is eligible? How to I sign-up?

All current students and MSU alumni (who gradauted within the last 2 years) are eligible to participate in Prep2Apply.

Please complete this short registration form to be added to the Prep2Apply Spring workshop D2L site. Applicants can be expected to see the D2L site become available in late Novemeber.


Committee letters:

We are excited to announce that with an increase in office staff resources we will be able to offer committee letters once again for students. We are updating the criteria for who will be eligible for a new committee letter in the future, our requirements for requesting a new committee letter, and the timeline for the process. Please read below to see if you are eligible for a new committee letter and the steps you need to take to request a letter if you fit the criteria to receive one.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a current or MSU alumni (graduation within the last 2 years) pre-med or pre-dental student.
    1. Other Pre-Health students can ask if a letter packet would be appropriate for your application system.
  2. Meet the academic criteria, GPA and entrance exam scores (posted on the Prep2Apply site).
    1. Please Note: For students who don’t know their entrance exam score, you can apply and complete the requirements, then after the office receives your official scores will move forward writing a committee letter if you meet the criteria. Students who do not meet the criteria have the option to receive a letter packet instead.
  3. Participate in Prep2Apply. Register here: https://www.montana.edu/hpa/Prep2Apply.html
  4. Complete and submit a committee letter request form through the Prep2Apply D2L site by March 15th.
  5. Upload required documents to the Prep2Apply D2L site by April 8th.
  6. Complete a mock interview with the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee During May-June (specific times TBD).
  7. Have individual letters of recommendation submitted to the HPA office by June 3rd.


Re-Submission of a previous committee letter packet:

Students wanting the office to re-submit an exsisting committee letter packet will need to enroll in P2A, complete the request by March 15th, upload required documents by April 8th, and have individual letters of recommendation submitted to the office by June 3rd. 


Letter Packet Request:

Students who miss the deadlines or eligibility for a committee letter packet can still request a letter packet from HPA. The first step is to participate in Prep2Apply and submit a request form by June 26th. Please note: HPA cannot gaurntee documents will be uploaded by August 1st IF:

1. Requests forms are received after May 15th.

2. Any individual letters to be uploaded in the packet are received after June 3rd.


Updated: 03/2024