What is Prep2Apply?

Prep2Apply is a non-credit workshop hosted by the Office of Health Professions Advising at MSU to help students complete final preparations for their health professions school applications. Students who are requesting support of the HPA office, culminating in the preparation of a committee letter of evaluation, must complete all required meetings and submit all required documents for Prep2Apply to be eligible:

  • As part of Prep2Apply student must:
    • Submit MSU pre-application as requested.
    • Prepare personal statement. Submit personal statement to the HPA office as requested.
    • Prepare for and take entrance exam. Submit scores to HPA Office.
    • Request letters of recommendation be submitted to HPA office as requested.
    • Schedule and complete PPAC interview.
  • When completing application, please release information to HPA office.
  • Following submission of applications, supply HPA office with:
    • Copy of application
    • Application ID #
    • Any other relevant ID # (letter ID # for example)
    • List of schools to which you are applying
  • Attend interview preparation sessions in the spring if possible.
  • Complete interview report form.

When is it?

Typically, it will begin the first week in February and meetings will be on Wednesday evenings 7-8pm MST. For exact dates and times, see the updated flyer

Who is eligible? How to I sign-up?

All current students and MSU alumni are eligible to participate in Prep2Apply.

Prep2Appy for Spring 2021 has begun and if you still want to participate, please e-mail Hilary directly at [email protected]  for instructions. 


Updated: 02/2021