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American Association of Medical Colleges

Association website:

Required entrance exam:  MCAT, no more than 3 attempts per year

Common electronic application:  AMCAS

Texas-specific electronic application:  TMDSAS

Application launch dates: 

  • Available for viewing in early May
  • Submission allowed in early June

AMCAS Application details:

  • Personal Statement Length: 5300 characters (including spaces)
  • Max. of 15 Activity Descriptions: 700 characters each (including spaces)
  • Max. of 3 Meaningful Experiences: 1325 characters each (including spaces)

Application process overview:

  • Primary application entails:
    • Completed application
    • Activity descriptions
    • Meaningful experience descriptions
    • Personal Statement
    • Transcripts
    • Medical schools you are submitting to
    • MCAT score
    • Application fee (overall fee and a fee for each school you chose to submit to)
  • Secondary applications are by invitation and vary from school to school. Generally they entail:
    • Essays, questions, etc.
    • A photo
    • Letters of recommendation*
    • Application fee (the cost varies from school to school with the majority costing $100)

*If you are utilizing a Committee Letter of Recommendation from the Health Professions Advising office (highly recommended) all letters of recommendation are electronically submitted to the schools you apply to as a committee packet. This is done by the HPA office.

School Information
Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) from AAMC