Description: Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. 

Education: A master's degree in speech language pathology (SLP) degree from an accredited program is required. After completing a bachelor's degree students may apply to a 2-4 year SLP program.  

Association website: (

Required Entrance Exam: GRE

Common Electronic application: Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) (

Primary application entails:

  • A minimum 3.00 GPA to be admitted, although in any given year, an admitted class of audiology or speech-language pathology students may have a much higher average GPA,
  • GRE scores,
  • Entrance essay
  • Letters of recommendation

ASHA's online search engine EdFind, provides a list of schools. EdFind also has information on:

  • Institutions designated as Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HCBSUs) and Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs)
  • Institutions with multicultural/bilingual emphases
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Part time enrollment opportunities
  • Institutions with combined degree programs (e.g., bachelors/masters)


updated 07/2021