What the club is about:

Description: The mission of the Pre-Dental Club at Montana State University is to provide career specific information through guest speakers and health professionals, organize opportunities for clinical observation and job shadowing, as well as opportunities for dental related community service for aspiring pre-dental and/or pre-hygiene students. Through participation in the MSU Pre-Dental Club, students will have the opportunity to network with local dentists, improve their application skills, and fulfill dental school requirements while furthering their knowledge of the dental field. We help pre dental students with advice concerning classes to take, how best to study for the DAT (Dental Admissions Test), and give advice on when/where to apply based on applicant stats. We also offer opportunities for virtual/in person meetings with dental schools that give information about their schools and offer mock interviews. 

Pre-dental Club Officers:

  • President: Stella Marquardt 
  • Vice President: Prestynn Weldon 
  • Secretary: Alex Bruns 


How to get involved: Send an email to our club email address to be placed on our email list, which is where all information and events are sent out that pertain to the Pre-Dental club.  

For more information, contact: [email protected]  


Updated 05/2022