Thanks for your interest in the degrees offered by our department. To explore all degrees offered at MSU, visit the Programs and Degrees portal. You can also view the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering Academic Guide the booklet we give out during our department tours. Contact a program coordinator for questions about a specific major.

Undergraduate Degrees

photo of student in wheelchair he designed with two students in background

The most popular major in the engineering college, mechanical engineering is a general degree that provides a strong foundation for a variety of careers. Graduates go on to work in aerospace, manufacturing of a variety of goods, HVAC, alternative energy and more. Learn more >>

Program coordinator: Ruhul Amin


photo of two women showing device at engineering design fair

With a focus on practical application of mechanical engineering concepts in manufacturing and other hands-on fields, MET is versatile degree. Graduates work in machine and product design, manufacturing, HVAC and other areas of industry. Learn more >>

Program coordinator: Kevin Cook

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IMSE is focused on optimizing the delivery of goods and services through problem-solving involving mathematical models, managerial concepts and more. IMSE graduates are people-oriented problem-solvers who work in manufacturing, finance, transportation and other fields. Learn more >>

Program coordinator: Kevin Cook

photo of students on Wall Street trading floor

Financial Engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary field that emphasizes the design and analysis of financial instrumentsto manage risk and create strategic business opportunities. FE students combine courses in engineering, business and computing. Learn more >>

Program coordinator: Greg Gilpin


Adding one or more minors onto a bachelor's degree allows a student to diversify their education and experience and develop expertise that can contribute to their career goals.

For questions, contact the certifying officer.  To add one of these minors, submit the Change of Curriculum form to [email protected] .

Graduate Programs

IMSE PhD Graduate

 We offer a variety of master's and Ph.D. degrees with exciting opportunities for  research. Learn more about our graduate programs.