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Who We Are and What We Do


The Montana State University Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society (MSUAFS) is an organization of graduate and undergraduate students who have an interest in fisheries management, science, and ecology.  The MSUAFS operates under the auspice of the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and promotes the objectives of the American Fisheries Society:

  • Fisheries Conservation
  • Advancement of Fisheries Science 
  • Scientific and Public Outreach
  • Promotion of Fisheries Education 

The MSUAFS provides opportunities for students to interact with fishery professionals through guest lectures, social events, and volunteer services with various agencies and organizations.  Additionally, the MSUAFS exposes students to fishery sampling techniques through field oriented activities and workshops. We hold monthly meetings in Lewis Hall and host special activities throughout each semester. Email us at for more information.