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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Interested in expanding your understanding of equity issues in fisheries? Please take a look at some of these resources!

AFS Diversity and Inclusion Resources

National AFS

The Equal Opportunities Subsection (EOS) of the American Fisheries Society aims to "increase the representation and involvement of diverse ethnic/racial groups and females in the American Fisheries Society." 

The EOS toolkit is a great resource to access peer-reviewed literature, videos, etc. on AFS diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Western Division of AFS

The Western Division of AFS (WDAFS) founded the Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 2017. Their website is a great resource to learn about the history of the group and to keep up to date with their current initiatives!

Diversity & Inclusion Service Award 

The WDAFS Diversity & Inclusion Committee presents this award to an AFS Member exhibiting strong evidence of service and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the fisheries profession. Self- nominations and peer-nominations will be accepted and multiple nominations are encouraged. Partial reimbursement for meeting registration and travel costs may be available based on need.

*NEW*  Diversity & Inclusion Mentorship Award (formerly Diversity and Inclusion URM travel grant) 

The WDAFS Diversity & Inclusion Committee presents this award to a promising student or early career professional interested in developing diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership skills. The award recipient will receive up to $1,000 (USD) for meeting registration, travel costs, and one year of AFS membership (if needed). For the duration of the year, the award recipient will receive mentorship by Diversity and Inclusion Committee members and have the opportunity to participate in Committee activities. Application materials should include a cover letter detailing the applicants interest in fisheries and in developing diversity, equity, and inclusion-related leadership skills, and any additional materials as needed (e.g., letters of recommendation, resume, etc.). We highly encourage application packets from individuals belonging to historically underrepresented minority groups in the fisheries field.


To nominate an individual for the Diversity & Inclusion Service Award or theDiversity & Inclusion Mentorship Award, please send your nomination packets to [email protected].

If you have any questions about this award please contact [email protected] or wdafs. diversityandinclusion@gmail. com.

Other Diversity Resources

Racial Equity Tools

Anti-Racism in STEM by Maya Gosztyla, Lydia Kwong, Naomi Murray, and Claire Williams

39 LGBTQ+ STEM Innovators & Resources

Land Acknowledgements


Action Items

Resources on Unconscious Bias

Relevant Literature

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