National AFS

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

The aim of the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology program is to “engage, inspire, and diversify the next generation of fisheries professionals.”  The Hutton program is a paid summer internship that connects high school students with a local mentor in the fisheries profession. Hutton scholars gain valuable work experience, a $3000 stipend, and a 6-month membership to the American Fisheries Society.


J Frances Allen Scholarship Award (for female PhD students)

Dr. J Frances Allen was an early pioneer for women in the fisheries profession and the American Fisheries Society. Learn more about J Frances Allen here!The J Frances Allen Scholarship was created in 1987 and awards $2,500 to a female doctoral student focusing on aquatic research. Awardees must be a National AFS member the year prior to the application deadline.


Emmeline Moore Prize

 Dr. Emmeline Moore was the first female president of the American Fisheries Society (1927-28). Learn more about Emmeline Moore here!The Emmeline Moore Prize is an American Fisheries Society Career Achievement Award presented to individuals who demonstrate “strong commitment and exemplary service to ensuring equal opportunity access to higher education in fisheries and/or professional development in the broad range of fisheries science disciplines.”


Western Division of AFS

Eugene Maughan Scholarship

Dr. Eugene Maughan was a highly respected fisheries scientist with a strong dedication to mentoring young professionals. Check out page 7 of the June 2018 MTAFS newsletter to learn more about Eugene Maughan and the history of this award. The Eugene Maughan Scholarship is awarded to WDAFS graduate students majoring in a field related to fisheries science, who have completed one semester or two quarters in a graduate program. Selection is based on demonstration of excellent scholarship, potential for future contributions to the fisheries profession, and significant progress toward degree.


Montana Chapter of AFS

Wally McClure Scholarship (for undergraduate and graduate students)

Wally McClure was a prominent fisheries biologist and conservation leader in Montana. The Montana Chapter of AFS created the Wally McClure Scholarship to continue his legacy and provide educational opportunities for fisheries students in Montana. Every year, an undergraduate student is awarded $750 and a graduate student is awarded $1,250 at the Annual MTAFS meeting. Awardees must be pursuing a degree in aquatic natural resources from a Montana college/university. 


Other relevant scholarships/fellowships

Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership

The aim of the Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) is to “strengthen and expand university initiatives to recruit, train and graduate American Indian and Alaska Native students in STEM graduate programs.” Recipients of the SIGP are provided supplemental funding ($20,000 for master’s students and $40,000 for doctoral students) throughout their graduate program. To be eligible, students must be accepted into a participating STEM graduate program at one of the SIGP partner organizations. Within Montana, these organizations include Montana State University, the University of Montana, and Montana Tech.

Native American Natural Resource Research Scholarship

The Intertribal Timber Council and the US Forest Service are partnering to sponsor this scholarship (up to $5,000) for Native American graduate students who are "planning or currently conducting tribally relevant research in a natural resource issue." The application deadline is 5pm PST on December 1, 2020. You can find the scholarship application and requirements to apply on the Intertribal Timber Council website. 

Truman D. Pickard Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the Intertribal Timber Council for Native American/Alaskan graduating high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in natural resources. Award amounts vary from $2,000 to $2,500. The application deadline is 5pm PST on March 12, 2021.You can find the scholarship application and requirements to apply on the Intertribal Timber Council website.