Why should I join the Student Chapter?

Why shouldn't you join? The benefits of membership are numerous.  AFS is a way to network with professionals in the field of fisheries science.  It's also a way to get fisheries experience through field activities and a way to learn more about fisheries resources.  The earlier you start, the more you'll benefit.

How do I join?

In the absence of an in person meeting schedule due to COVID concerns, the easiest way to join is to contact us at [email protected].   Just get involved!

What sort of activities do you do?

We strive to make our activities both educational and fun.  At our monthly meetings, we invite guest speakers from both the private and public sector to share their experiences and wisdom with us.  We also like to get out into the field to volunteer with  Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and other organizations on their various projects.  We attend fisheries meetings every year, such as the Montana Chapter of AFS annual meeting and Wild Trout Symposia. In the future, we hope to visit area schools to teach them about fish and the value of conservation.  We like to give our members practical experience in field work and dealing with the public. Since COVID has changed our plans for in person meetings, please check back in soon or email [email protected] to get information on our meeting plans for the semester! 

How much time is involved?

This depends on your commitment to the Subunit.  You can put in as much time as your schedule allows.  But the more involved you are, the more you'll benefit from your membership.

**If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]