About Harvest of the Month

HOM Logo redFunds were provided in part by USDA Team Nutrition Training grants, USDA funds, USDA Farm to School grants, Montana Healthcare Foundation, Northern Pulse Growers Association, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana School Nutrition Association, Montana Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant, Montana Grains Foundation, Dairy MAX, and Montana Pulse Crop Committee.
The Montana Harvest of the Month program showcases Montana grown foods in Montana communities. Montana Harvest of the Month is open to K-12 schools, afterschool programs, Summer Food Service Programs, early care and education facilities, and healthcare institutions in Montana. This program is a collaboration between the Montana Office of Public Instruction, Montana Team Nutrition Program, National Center for Appropriate Technology, Montana State University Extension, Gallatin Valley Farm to School, FoodCorps Montana, and Montana Department of Agriculture.

Project evaluation is led by Dr. Carmen Byker Shanks of the Food and Health Lab at Montana State University. Original artwork was created by Anthony Maughan.

Each month, participating sites focus on promoting one locally grown item (e.g., winter squash) by serving it in at least one meal, snack, or a la carte offering, and displaying or distributing HOM materials. Additionally, schools and early care and education settings participate by offering taste tests to students and doing educational lessons and activities. Montana Harvest of the Month is a perfect way to launch or grow a farm to school or farm to cafeteria program as it provides an easy framework to follow and ready-to-use materials. Participating sites will receive a free packet of materials (includes posters and cafeteria, educator, and home handouts) as well as guides, additional resources, and training. The two primary goals for this program are to expose children and adults to new, healthy foods and to support Montana’s farmers and ranchers. Shown below is the calendar of items.

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Calendar for August 2020 - July 2021


cherry tree in bloom
Cherries - Aug
Cabbage illustration
Brassicas - Sept
Apples - Oct
Winter Squash
Winter Squash - Nov

 Lentils - Dec

 Carrots - Jan
beet plant
 Beets - Feb
 Grains - March
 Chickpeas - April
Beef Bison thumbnail
 Beef + Bison - May
lettuce plant
 Leafy Greens - June
Dairy Cow
 Dairy - July


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If you are building your team and need more information and resources, check out the Resources page for handouts and additional information you can share before registering. Once registered, your  site will have access to all of the materials, resources, and guides in electronic format and will be mailed your packet.

Montana Harvest of the Month Best Practices Guide cover

Check out the new Montana Harvest of the Month Best Practices Guide that examines the successes and challenges of the programs as well as a comparison with other states' harvest of the month programs.

Food producers want to learn how to be involved? Watch the Harvest of the Month for Producers Training Video here

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If you have questions regarding the K-12 School Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Aubree Roth, Montana Farm to School Coordinator

Montana Team Nutrition Program

[email protected]

(406) 994-5996

If you have questions regarding the ECE Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Lizzie Gill, Montana Local Foods Program Specialist


[email protected]

(406) 494-8672

If you have questions regarding the Healthcare or Business and Community Harvest of the Month Program contact:

Maura Henn, Community Food System Specialist


[email protected]

(406) 723-7579