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Whether studying nutrition, cooking, gardening, agriculture or food systems, farm to school activities can also be used to teach standards in math, science, and language arts. Farm to school education can be done in the classroom, the cafeteria, the school garden, on field trips, or even while waiting in line for lunch. Additionally, when kids learn about food and where it comes from, they are more likely to make healthier eating choices and are more willing to try new foods. For more benefits of farm to school education, click here.

There are so many great resources that have been developed to help educators incorporate farm to school lessons into the school day, afterschool programs, or summer programs and camps. Below are links to help you find resources and lessons for specific grades, many of which are already linked to Common Core or Next Generation Science standards. Also check out our recommended reading list and lessons that are specific to Montana!

Looking for resources for the littlest eaters? Click here for farm to early care and education resources and lessons.

We would love to hear about any farm to school activities you have come up with or found that other educators may enjoy. Please share your story.

Elementary Lesson Resources
Grades Resource Notes

The Growing Classroom

This award-winning resource book for educators contains 480 pages of science, math, language arts, and nutrition activities that you can do with your students in the garden. A searchable online database cross-maps each activity to Next Generation Science and Common Core Math and English Language Arts Standards.


The Edible Schoolyard

Searchable database of lessons by grade, topic area, and season.


The Great Garden Detective Adventure

A standards-based gardening nutrition curriculum.


Dig In! Lessons

Ten inquiry-based lessons that engage students in growing, harvesting, tasting, and learning about fruits and vegetables.


Life Lab Curricula and Activity Guides

Common Core and Next Generation Science in the Garden database links lessons with standards.Some curricula for purchase.


Green Education Foundation: Sustainable Lesson Clearinghouse

Search this database of individual lessons by grade (Pre-K -2 or 3-5) and subject. Lessons linked to multiple standards and cover a variety of sustainability topics.


Math in the Garden

All activities were designed to support mathematics and science standards and were extensively trial-tested by educators and youth leaders nationwide.

K-8 Montana Ag in the Classroom Linked to Common Core standards
K-5 FoodCorps Montana Statewide Curriculum Please register here to use this FoodCorps Montana Statewide Curriculum. 
2-5 Discover Montana Treasures Activities Print this accompanying poster of Montana-grown foods. Printed posters available upon request.
K-5 Montana Harvest of the Month Program You must register for this program to receive lessons and promotional materials.


Books for Elementary Children
Author Title

Borden, Lisa

The Tale of Kale: Based on a Real Kid's Real Story

Carle, Eric The Tiny Seed
Ehlert, Lois

Eating the Alphabet

Growing Vegetable Soup

French, Vivien Oliver's Vegetables
Ganeri, Anita From Bean to Bean Plant
Gibbons, Gail

The Milk Makers

Apples: Apples

From Seed to Plant

Gibson, Erica Sell What You Sow
Havill, Juanita I Heard it From Alice Zucchini
Jackson, Woody A Cow's Alfalfa-bet
Laske, Joe Lentil Soup
Maestro, Betsy How do Apples Grow?
Mattern, Joanne How Peas Grow
Morgan, Pierr The Turnip
Peck, Jan The Giant Carrot
Romero Stevens, Jan Carlos and the Squash Plant
Santucci, Barbara Anna's Corn
Sayles Hughes, Meredith Green Power: Leaf and Flower Vegetables
Siracusa, Catherine The Giant Zucchini
Smith, Cathy Plants on My Plate
Stevens, Janet Tops and Bottoms
White, Linda Too Many Pumpkins
Williams-Paisley, Kimberly (with Gurney Williams III) Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden


Middle and High School Resources
Grades Resource Notes
9-12 Nutrition Education Resources for Middle School and High School

Lessons and activities for teaching nutrition to middle and high school students from Team Nutrition.

6-12 Growing Minds Farm to School list Lessons, books, movies and curricula compiled by a former high school teacher.
9-12 Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum The semester-long curriculum is designed to engage students in meaningful, hands-on learning activities that also strengthen their school’s Farm to School program and link them directly with farmers in their community.
9-12 National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix Standards-based, searchable curriculum map for all grade levels.
6-12 Montana Harvest of the Month Program Middle and high school lessons will be added in the future, but there are opportunities for older students to engage in Harvest of the Month programming.
Teens The Food Project Books for purchase and free curriculum and activities to introduce youth to food systems and social issues.
6-12 Green Education Foundation: Sustainability Lesson Clearinghouse Individual lessons searchable by subject (for both middle and high school) and connected to core standards. Lessons cover range of sustainability topics.


General Resources

Bringing Tribal Foods and Traditions Into Cafeterias, Classrooms, and Gardens

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards  webinar and additional resources for connecting garden education with standards

Farm to School Education and Curriculum Integration webinar

Common Core Standards Frequently Used in Cooking and Tasting Activities

Farmer’s Market coloring sheets

School Gardens

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