Sabbatical Process

Application for Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Policies:  Faculty Handbook

Requirements upon completion of sabbatical:
Upon completion of a sabbatical, a 4-5 page written report on the sabbatical activities must be submitted to your department head, the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Provost.  As well, you are required to share the results of your assignment in an on-campus forum within six months of your return to the University.  Please notify the Faculty Affairs committee and the Office of the Provost of the date of your presentation.

General Comments:
Per Board of Regents Policy, the Faculty Affairs Committee's scoring takes into account rank and years of service since the last sabbatical when calculating scores.  If you are newly eligible, this may affect your placing, even if your proposal scored well in other respects. In general, proposals score highest when the proposal is well-planned and arrangements referred to in the proposal have been finalized.

Center for Faculty Excellence

The Center is committed to the support of professional enhancement of all faculty across all career stages in the areas of teaching, research/creative activity, outreach/service, and work/life integration. Values include: innovation, collaboration, and partnerships.

Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership (DEAL)

This program is designed to provide leadership training for individuals in academic positions with the goal of enhancement or rejuvenation of leadership skills and enthusiasm.

Leadership MSU

The Leadership MSU program focuses on knowledge about the university, its mission, and vision. The program is designed to help each participant network effectively with campus leaders, better understand how colleges and departments across the university work together and to develop leadership skills that will contribute to the strength of the university and our ability to carry out our mission.