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Contact Green Cats Coordinators Nicholas Fitzmaurice and Paul Edlund in the Office of Sustainability with questions, to download the Green Floor Checklist, or to learn more about joining our Green Floor Program!

What is a Green Floor? 

Designated Green Floor Green Cats Program

A Green Floor is an established floor in a residence hall on campus  where participating residents collectively agree to implement diverse strategies to assess and reduce environmental impacts in their daily lives. This program is targetted towards students living on campus, assisting them to develop a sense of agency as the University commits to reducing its environmental impact. These students are joining the every-growing Green Cats network of engaged and conscientious campus members.

How does the program work? 

Like our other Green Cats programs, the Green Floor (GF) Program operates around three primary tools: the GF Checklist, the GF Team Lead, and the GF Resources. The GF Checklist is an index of 75 different actions items residents on a floor can implement to assess and address the environmental impacts of their actions. The GF Team Lead (usually an RA) completes the checklist, keeps fellow residents updated, distributes GF resources, and decides what future strategies the floor can implement to further reduce their environmental impact.

Download an example Green Floor Checklist here (excel) Note that this checklist is only for your reference and is likely not up-to-date. Upon joining the Green Cats program, we will share our current checklist with you for use on your Green Floor.

Participating Floors

We launched the Green Floor program in Fall 2022 with a handful of floors pilot running the program. New cohorts of Residential Advisors and their respective floors will be joining the program each fall as students cycle through campus!

Green Floor Resources

Looking to up your game in the Green Floor Program or to just brush up on some relevant sustainability topics? Check out our Green Cats Resources page to find all relevant educational resources for the Green Floor Program!


You tell us! Our Green Office Coordinator will help you decide what parameters should be used to identify your green space, but start by looking at the residents incorporated under one or a pair of RAs. At least 75% of residents need to sign the team sign-up sheet. 

The Team Lead manually completes the checklist by confirming if each action item has or has not been completed. Action items can be confirmed by selecting "Yes" in Column F. After completing enough action items, your floor will level up within the GF Program!

You can ask your friendly Green Cats Coordinators, Nicholas Fitzmaurice and Paul Edlund!

Green Floor is, but that's why we launched the Green Cats Program! If your operating space doesn't fit into one of our existing Green Cats Programs, we'd be happy adapt Green Cats to fit your needs. Just reach out and we'll make it happen!

Please reach out to your friendly Green Cats Coordinators, Nicholas Fitzmaurice and Paul Edlund! We can get you on the schedule for our next Orientation and you can begin to fill out the GF Checklist. 

This program is an opportunity for campus members to develop their own agency as we all begin to assess and reduce our environmental impact. This program is designed to assist our campus partners to engage with our collective responsibility to steward our natural environment. We hope you decide to share this responsibility as our community grows and develops!