Current Projects

Harvesting Montana Recipes 


Montana Team Nutrition hosted a statewide recipe contest, Harvesting Montana Recipes, to collect recipes featuring local and indigenious Montana ingredients. These ingredients included barley, beets, bison, chokecherries, sweet cherries, lentils, and winter squash. Six winning recipes were selected.  Students and school staff are actively engaged in the recipe development and testing through a sub-grant program to support  nutrition education, student taste-testing, and meal service.  Once the winning recipes have been verified and standardized, these Montana recipes will be featured at the state and national level for other schools to serve and enjoy.

Harvesting Montana Recipes Success Stories 

Tried it Liked it Loved it Taste Test Method

Introduction to the 2021 TN Grant

Recipe Contest Details 

Bison & Lentil Chili

Recipe Contest is Successful!

Recipe Winners & Taste Testing Phase

Montana Cook Fresh Initiative


The Montana Cook Fresh Initiative is a comprehensive (one-year) training program to help schools serve high-quality meals through cooking from scratch that appeal to Montana students. This program builds the knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy of all school food service staff from management to front line staff through professional development and technical assistance. 

Montana Cook Fresh Success Stories

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Cooking Fresh During Covid

The 2020 Montana Cook Fresh Leadership Institute

Whole Grain Buns

Cooking Up Comfort 

A Virtual Whole-Grain Baking Workshop

Montana Farm to School


Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and preschools. Students gain access to healthy, local foods as well as education opportunities such as school gardens, cooking lessons and farm field trips. Farm to school empowers children and their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities. Farm to school implementation differs by location but always includes one or more of the following core elements:  Procurement, Education, and School Gardens.

Montana Farm to School Stories

Visit the Montana Farm to School Stories page to to learn about Farm to School projects around the state! 

Smarter Lunchrooms


Smarter Lunchrooms creates inviting lunchrooms that make the healthy choice the easy choice, nudging students to choose nutritious foods.  Engaging students in school meals improves customer satisfaction, gives students the opportunity to provide creative ideas and create positive change while building an encouraging relationship with the school food service staff. 

Smarter Lunchroom Stories

Visit the Smarter Lunchrooms Page to see how Montana schools are using Smarter Lunchroomsto nudge healthier eating and decrease food waste!