Are you in need of training for your school nutrition staff?

Montana Team Nutrition is pleased to offer the Montana School Meals Certificate (MSMC). Participating school nutrition professionals will receive a thorough foundation in meal pattern components, weekly dietary specifications, and strategies to achieve compliance with USDA rules through training on food preparation techniques, recipe standardization and crediting, school food forecasting, and procurement.

What does the MSMC include?

  • 40 hours of training for food service directors and 8 hours of training for frontline staff
  • Substantial mini-grant funds (ranging from $5000 to $7500) to support staff bonuses*, staff or substitute pay, travel costs, food for student taste tests, equipment, supplies, and marketing materials
    • *If training is completed within 6 months, staff can recieve bonus pay ($500 for directors and $100 for frontline staff

How will training be delivered?

  • Participating school nutrition program staff can choose from of two training timelines:
    • Option A: February 2023 – July 2023
    • Option B: June 2023 – November 2023
  • They will also be able to choose from a combination of training formats that best suits their learning needs:
    • Live, in person training
    • Live, virtual training
    • Independently paced virtual self-study

To add your name to our waitlist and recieve further information on this opportunity please sign up here.  

The Montana School Meal Certificate is funded by a USDA Team Nutrition training grant awarded to the Montana Office of Public Instruction.