What is it?

MSU’s website is managed through a Content Management System (CMS) that allows individuals who may or may not know web programming languages to create and manage web content with relative ease. MSU uses OU Campus, a system produced by OmniUpdate, in order to provide a CMS for the entire montana.edu web domain. Web & Digital Communications creates initial pages in the CMS and provides ongoing support, but after an introductory training you are responsible for keeping your pages current and up to date.

For more on how the CMS came to MSU, please refer to the CMS Project Background.


How do I use it?

The first step in using the CMS is registering for a training. Visit CMS 110: Introduction to the CMS to view the upcoming schedule and get registered. 

Complete CMS Course Listing:

CMS 110: Introduction to the CMS

CMS 120: Building a Website

CMS 130: Creating a Web Form

CMS 210: Introduction to Web Accessibility



If you have attended a CMS training and need help logging in please review our Help Center documentation, How do I log in to the CMS?.

For help using the CMS please refer to our Help Center