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Energy Research Institute

  • Alternative Energy Research: Montana State University is leading the way to a new energy future for Montana and the nation, with cutting-edge research in biofuels, carbon sequestration, fuel cells and wind energy.
  • MSU's fuel cell research, which is focused mostly on one type of cell—the solid oxide fuel cell or SOFC—aims to make fuel cells an affordable and practical source of energy for the 21st century.
  • Scientists at MSU are on the forefront of research into carbon sequestration-a promising method proposed to reduce mankind's CO2 emissions by storing CO2 deep within the earth.
  • Montana's wind resource is among the top 5 in the nation. Research conducted by scientists at MSU will make it possible to generate more electricity from wind more efficiently than ever before.
  • Burning biofuels derived from grains, seeds and other biological matter contributes less carbon to the atmosphere than burning fossil fuels. MSU's research aims at making biofuels more efficient and cost effective from both the industrial and agricultural points of view.

Energy Research Institute

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