Andrew Burkhardt: PhD Candidate

Problem Statement:

•In what significant ways is soil nematode ecology impacted by four different barley cropping sequence?

Purpose and Objectives:

•Purpose: to elucidate impact of barley crop sequences on soil nematode community structure
•Objectives: determine if cereal-pulse rotations have any benefit to soil biology by using nematodes as bioindicators


•Crop rotations limiting fallow will positively and significantly impact the soil nematode community which will in turn self-regulate the plant parasitic nematode population

Preliminary results show that no-till correlates with increased diversity of nematode types, while higher fertility increases the overall number of nematodes present.

The below figure demonstrates reduced diversity at the Bozeman Post Farm due to tillage, but higher populations due to increased fertility, while the Moccasin location has greater diversity due to long term no-till management.
Preliminary results of management practices on nematode populations