Our heirloom research started when Jamie Sherman, our breeder, first came to the program and asked brewers what she should focus on. Tasked with flavor, Jamie collected over 300 lines from 42 different countries representing highly diverse genetics from historical barley lines. 

This page represents one of the newest aspects of our website! We have been researching heirloom varieties for several years, and here we hope to start documenting some of this work - check back often as we are getting close to publishing some very interesting findings related to this work!

Take a look at this recent article Hannah Turner wrote on our heirloom work for Montana Craft Beer Connect!

Barley team evaluates heirloom lines via sensory

 Listen in as Joe Jensen discusses aspects of this project from the field - 2020 Field Day

Joe Jensen virtual field day

Heirloom Lines Included in This Study

Because this trial is so large it is split into two sets, each have been grown in seperate years 

Heirloom LIne (First half of study) Origin Barley Growth Type Notes and interesting factoids
Ackzent NR 2-Row  
Akcent Czech Republic 2-Row  
Alondra NR 2-Row  
Amber NR 2-Row  
Amulet Czech Republic 2-Row  
Andre Washington 2-Row  
Annabell NR 2-Row  Low haze line
Anni NR 2-Row  
Apex Netherlands 2-Row  
Aramir NR NR  
Arrivisio NR NR  
Astoria NR 2-Row  
Atlas NR NR  
Azure North Dakota 6-Row  
Balder Scandinavia 2-Row  
Bancroft Idaho 2-Row  
Bargiers NR 2-Row  
Beacon North Dakota 6-Row  
Bearpaw Montana 2-Row  
Beebe Montana 2-Row  Has small round seeds, like bb pellets
Beecher Colorado NR  
Bella Germany 2-Row  
Bellona NR 2-Row  
Betzes Poland 2-Row  
Bianca NR 2-Row  
Blondie NR 2-Row  
Bojos NR 2-Row  
Bomi Scandinavia 2-Row  
Bonanza Canada 6-Row  
Bonus Scandinavia 2-Row  
Boulder NR NR  
Brage Scandinavia 2-Row  
Brahm NR 2-Row  
Brenda NR 2-Row  
Brewster NR 2-Row  
Butte Idaho 2-Row  
Camilot NR 2-Row  
Caminant NR 2-Row  
Caravela NR 2-Row  
Caribou Idaho 2-Row  
Carina NR 2-Row  
Carlsberg II Netherlands 2-Row  
Caruso NR 2-Row  
Cecilia NR 2-Row  
Centennial NR 6-Row  
Century NR 2-Row  
Chad NR 2-Row  
Chalice United Kingdom 2-Row Whiskey LIne 
Chamant NR 2-Row  
Chariot NR 2-Row  
Chevalien Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 1 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 10 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 11 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 12 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 13 NR    
Chevalier 2 NR    
Chevalier 3 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 4 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 6 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 7 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chevalier 9 Scandinavia 2-Row  
Chieftan NR 2-Row  
Chinook NR 2-Row  
Chronicle NR 2-Row  
Clark Montana 2-Row  
Coast NR NR  
Colter Idaho 6-Row  
Compana MT 2-Row *Grown in MT after WWII
Conquest Canada 6-Row  
Conrad Montana 6-Row  
Cooper NR 2-Row  
Cork Great Britain 2-Row  
Cornei NR NR  
Crystal NR 2-Row  
Cumhuzivet 50 NR NR  
Dallas NR 2-Row  
Decanter NR 2-Row Whiskey line 
Decor NR 2-Row  
Dekap NR NR  
Delibes Scandinavia 2-Row  
Delita Scandinavia 2-Row  
Dickson NR NR  
Ditta NR 2-Row  
Domen Scandinavia 2-Row  
Dominique NR 2-Row  
Donetskii 8 NR NR  
Ebson NR 2-Row  
Elgina NR 2-Row  
Elisa NR 2-Row  
Ellice Canada 2-Row  
Elo NR 2-Row  
Elrose NR 2-Row  
Erbet Montana 2-Row  
Faust NR 2-Row  
Ferment NR 6-Row  
Firlbecks III Netherlands 2-Row  
Flynn NR 6-Row  
Frontier Wyoming 2-Row  
Galena NR 2-Row  
Gigas NR NR  
Glacier Montana 6-Row  
Galt NR 2-Row  
Gentle NR 2-Row  
Georgie NR 2-Row  
Gladys NR 2-Row  
Glenn North Dakota 6-Row  
Gold NR NR  
Golden Compana NR NR  
Golden Liberty NR 2-Row  
Golden Melon Japan 2-Row Has a yellow lemma
Goldie NR 2-Row  
Growler NR 2-Row Modern AB line 
Halla NR 2-Row  
Hannchen Scandinavia 2-Row  
Hazen North Dakota 6-Row  
Heartland Canada 6-Row  
Heavyweight NR 2-Row  
Hector Canada 2-Row  
Heines Hanna Netherlands 2-Row  
Helena NR 2-Row  
Heron NR 2-Row  
Herta Montana 2-Row  
Hockett Montana 2-Row  
Horn NR 2-Row  
Hypana Montana 2-Row  
Idagold NR 2-Row  
Ingrid Scandinavia 2-Row  
Italian NR 2-Row  
Jubilant Slovakia 2-Row  
Juliette Australia 2-Row  
Juno NR 2-Row  
Katharina NR NR  
Kimberly Idaho 2-Row  
Kompakt NR 2-Row  
Krona Germany 2-Row  
Lake Abed NR 2-Row  
Larbet NR 2-Row  
Larissa Germany 2-Row  
Lewis Montana 2-Row  
Magda NR 2-Row  
Marie NR NR  
Maris Mink Great Britain 2-Row  Related line to Maris Otter
Merit 57 NR 2-Row  
Metcalfe Canada 2-Row  
Mojo NR NR  
Morex NR 2-Row  
New Zealand NR 2-Row  
Nordic NR NR  
Nukap NR 2-Row  
Odyssey NR 2-Row  
Olivia NR 2-Row  
Paulis NR NR  
Pedant NR 6-Row  
Piroline Germany 2-Row  
Robust NR 6-Row  
Russell NR 6-Row  
Shabet NR 2-Row  
Sissy NR 2-Row  
Stellar NR NR  
Synergy NR 2-Row  
Tellas NR NR  
Traill NR NR  
Tremois NR 2-Row  
Triumph (Craig's) NR 2-Row  
Trophy NR 2-Row  
Union NR 2-Row  
Unitan NR 2-Row  
Vangaurd NR 2-Row  
Vireo NR 2-Row  
Wadana NR 2-Row  
Zephyr NR 2-Row  


Heirloom LIne (Second half of study) Origin Barley Growth Type Notes and interesting factoids
ABAVA Latvia 2-Row  
ABED_MENTOR Denmark 2-Row  
ABEE Canada 2-Row  
ADLIKER Switzerland 2-Row  
ADORRA Austria 2-Row  
AGIO|PI328950 Netherlands 2-Row  
AKME_FUTTER Slovenia 2-Row  
ALEXIS Germany 2-Row  
ALLASCH Germany 2-Row  
AMULET Czech Republic 2-Row  
ANTARCTICA04 Brazil 2-Row  
ANTARCTICA05 Brazil 2-Row  
ARAMIR|PI399482 Netherlands 2-Row  
ARAMIR|PI467786 Netherlands 2-Row  
ARAPILES Australia 2-Row  
ARIEL France 2-Row  
ASTRID France 2-Row  
ATLAS Czech Republic 2-Row  
AURORE1 Europe 2-Row  
BANBA Ireland 2-Row  
BEATRICE France 2-Row  
BOCK Netherlands 2-Row  
BONUS|PI599659 Nepal 2-Row  
CENTENNIAL Canada 2-Row  
CERISE United Kingdom 2-Row  
CERNIGOVSKIJ7 Ukraine 2-Row  
CERTA France 2-Row  
CI15007 France 2-Row  
CLUJ123 Romania 2-Row  
CORONET United Kingdom 2-Row  
CRESCENT United Kingdom 2-Row  
CRISTAL Belgium 2-Row  
DA_CAFFE Czech Republic 2-Row  
DIAMANT Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
DIVA Netherlands 2-Row  
DOBROVICKY_KARGYN Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
DONAN United Kingdom 2-Row  
DOUBLOON United kingdom 2-Row  
DROSSEL Germany 2-Row  
DVORAN Slovakia 2-Row  
EARLY_CHALLENGER Australia 2-Row  
ECLAT Belgium 2-Row  
ELLIOT United Kingdom 2-Row  
EUROPA Germany 2-Row  
FINDHORN United Kingdom 2-Row  
FM437 Brazil 2-Row  
FUSILIER United Kingdom 2-Row  
GERKRA Netherlands 2-Row  
GLOIRE_DU_VELAY France 2-Row  
GOBLIN United Kingdom 2-Row  
GRIMMET Australia 2-Row  
HAISA|PI197617 Germany 2-Row  
HAKATA_NO.2 Japan 2-Row  
HARPOON United Kingdom 2-Row  
HASSAN Netherlands 2-Row  
HEIMDAL Sweden 2-Row  
HERAN Czech Republic 2-Row  
HERIS Czech Republic 2-Row  
HORAL Slovakia 2-Row  
ILINESKIJ43 Ukraine 2-Row  
IMPALA Netherlands 2-Row  
JANTAR Czech Republic 2-Row  
JAREK|PI467834 Poland 2-Row  
JAREK|PI599633 Czech Republic 2-Row  
JEM United Kingdom 2-Row  
JOGEVA Estonia 2-Row  
JOGEVA1104 Estonia 2-Row  
KAPUTAR Australia 2-Row  
KARRI Finland 2-Row  
KENYA_RESEARCH|PI234846 Kenya 2-Row  
KORAI_TAK_ARPA Hungary 2-Row  
KOSMOS Poland 2-Row  
KRASSI Bulgaria 2-Row  
KRYSTAL Czech Republic 2-Row  
KUAKA New Zealand 2-Row  
KYLE Zimbabwe 2-Row  
LARA Australia 2-Row  
LEGIA Belgium 2-Row  
LUBUSKI Poland 2-Row  
LUTSKII Ukraine 2-Row  
MAGNIF105 Argentina 2-Row  
MAGNIF128 Argentina 2-Row  
MAGNIF131 Argentina 2-Row  
MAGNIF132 Argentina 2-Row  
MAKOMAKO New Zealand 2-Row  
MALTERIA_HEDA Argentina 2-Row  
MALVAZ Czech Republic 2-Row  
MANAPOU New Zealand 2-Row  
MARTONVASARI50 Hungary 2-Row  
MARTONVASARI_MK-175 Hungary 2-Row  
MATA New Zealand 2-Row  
MENUET|PI467749 Netherlands 2-Row  
MENUET|PI467789 Netherlands 2-Row  
MERCHANT United Kingdom 2-Row  
MFB104 Hungary 2-Row  
MINSKIJ Belarus 2-Row  
MIRANDA Netherlands 2-Row  
MONA Sweden 2-Row  
MOYJAR Norway 2-Row  
MULTUM Austria 2-Row  
ND14701 United States 2-Row  
NRPB80-881 United Kingdom 2-Row  
NUTANS115 Armenia 2-Row  
OBSKOI Russia 2-Row  
ODE Germany 2-Row  
ORGE_DHIVER174 Belgium 2-Row  
OSIJESKI20 Croatia 2-Row  
OSK4.3/9 Croatia 2-Row  
PATRIOT United Kingdom 2-Row  
PERFEKTA|PI321820 Austria 2-Row  
PERFEKTA|PI467808 Austria 2-Row  
PI422233 Yemen 2-Row  
PI423621 Israel 2-Row  
PI447054 Spain 2-Row  
PISARECKY Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
PREVENETS Ukraine 2-Row  
PRIKUMSKII22 Russia 2-Row  
PRIMUS Czech Republic 2-Row  
PRIVER France 2-Row  
REFLEKS|PI285636 Poland 2-Row  
REGENT United kingdom 2-Row  
RESEARCH|PI146663 Australia 2-Row  
RIGEL Denmark 2-Row  
RISO6018 Denmark 2-Row  
RIVALE France 2-Row  
ROXANE France 2-Row  
RPB715-69 United Kingdom 2-Row  
RUBIN Czech Republic 2-Row  
RUPE New Zealand 2-Row  
SAFIR Czech Republic 2-Row  
SANDOMIERSKI|PI467839 Poland 2-Row  
SANDRA France 2-Row  
SETA Denmark 2-Row  
SKRZESZOWICKI|PI467840 Poland 2-Row  
STALLAR_II Sweden 2-Row  
STANGE Norway 2-Row  
STEPOVYJ Ukraine 2-Row  
STUPICKY_HANACKY|PI268176 Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
STUPICKY_HANACKY|PI467422 Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
STUPICKY_PLNOZRNNY Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
SULTAN|PI339814 Netherlands 2-Row  
SUMMIT United States 2-Row  
SUNNA Bulgaria 2-Row  
SUVENIR Belarus 2-Row  
TAY United Kingdom 2-Row  
TEO United Kingdom 2-Row  
TOPAS Czechoslovakia 2-Row  
TOTEM United Kingdom 2-Row  
VANKKURI|PI175506 Finland 2-Row  
VARUNDA Netherlands 2-Row  
VESTNIK Ukraine 2-Row  
WEKA New Zealand 2-Row  
WELAM Sweden 2-Row  
WELGEVALLEN60-A-3-11 South Africa 2-Row  
WELGEVALLEN62-13-6 South Africa 2-Row  
WELGEVALLEN65-31-37 South Africa 2-Row  
WELGEVALLEN65-55-3 South Africa 2-Row  
WIR25662 Cameroon 2-Row  
YMER_IDA18SELECTION United Kingdom 2-Row  
ZAGREB48 Croatia 2-Row  


melecular graphic with barley

Check out this heirloom flavor poster presented at ASBC!

color barlye on the soil