Synonyms/Experimental #s


Release year


Breeding Program

Crop Development Center, University of Saskatchewan


Spring two-row

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Very high. Higher than CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe

Protein: Moderate, similar to CDC Copeland.

Straw Strength: Strong, greater than AC Metcalfe, CDC Copeland, and Xena. Good reistance to lodging.

Maturity: Similar to to CDC Copeland.

Disease Reaction: Resistant to loose smut and stem rust. Susceptible/moderately susceptible to covered smut, false smut, scald, CCR, and FHB.

Malting Characteristics

Low malt beta-glucan, high plump percentage than checks, similar enzyme activity to AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland. FAN higher than CDC Copeland and similar to AC Metcalfe. 

Brewing Quality Traits

Brewhouse yeild, efficiency, and attenuation limit were all greater than CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe.

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