Synonyms/Experimental #s

2B03-3719, TR09402

Release year


Breeding Program

Bush Agricultural Resources


Spring two-row
Irrigated vareity in Montana

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: High, among top yielding irrigated varities. 5% yeild advantage over Merit 57.

Protein: 0.4% lower than Merit 57. For every 10 lbs of nitrogen apllied, Voyager increases protein by 0.01%.

Maturity: Medium length, approximately120 days; 5-10 days before Merit 57.

Straw Strength: Good resistance to lodging; 50% fewer lodging events compared to Merit 57. Growth regulator is encouaged. 

Straw Length: Averages 34 inches, taller then Merit 57 by 3%.

Disease Reaction: Moderately susuceptible to spot blotch and net bloctch net form. Susceptible to net blotch net form, FHB, and preharvest sprout.


Malting Characteristics

Low protien, good plumpness.

Brewing Quality Traits


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