Synonyms/Experimental #s

TR11127, SM080361

Release year


Breeding Program

Crop Development Centre


Spring two-row

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: 9% higher than AC Metcalfe and 3% higher than CDC Copeland.
Protein: Medium to high, simliar to CDC Copeland
Straw Strength: String, good resistance to lodging.
Straw Length: Shorter than CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe, averaging 83.4 cm.
Disease Reaction: Resistance to covered smut and stem rust. Susceptible to loose smut.

Malting Characteristics

  • High FAN levels comparable to CDC Copeland and higher than AC Metcalfe.
  • Fine extract yield higher than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland.
  • Enzyme levels between CDC Copeland and AC Metcalfe.

Brewing Quality Traits

 High fermentability, good overall brewhouse preformance.

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