OU1003/CDC Kendall

Synonyms/Experimental #s


Release year


Breeding Program

Crop Development Center


Two-row LOX null malting barley

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Similar to CDC Kendall
Protein: Higher than CDC Kendall
Maturity: Earlier than CDC Kendall
Disease Reaction: Resistant to Fusarium head blight, covered smut, false loose smut, black semi-loose smut. Vulnerable to true loose smut

Malting Characteristics

Very similar malting profile to CDC Kendall; higher enzymes, higher extract, higher soluble protein, average beta-glucan. Lox-less malt

Brewing Quality Traits

Good overall brewhouse performance, very fast conversion time, good brewhouse yield and material efficiencies. Lox-less positively effects beer foam retention and beer flavor stability


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