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Spring two-row

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: has out yielded Harrington and Manley in all soil zones in Canada
Maturity: Early maturity in Canada
Straw Strength: Stronger than Harrington and similar to Manley
Straw Length: Taller than Harrington and Manley
Disease Reaction: Good resistance to races of wheat stem rust and the Net Blotch. Susceptible to loose smut and Septoria leaf blotch. Scald reaction similar to Harrington

Malting Characteristics

  • Better resistance to peeling
  • Good plump and thousand kernel weight
  • Low soluble protein
  • Low wort color
  • Low wort beta-glucan
  • Extract and enzyme levels slightly less than AC Metcalfe
  • As barley protein increases, steeper decline in extract than AC Metcalfe
  • Very good modification

Brewing Quality Traits

  • Good overall brewhouse performance
  • Moderate conversion time
  • Faster lautering than Harrington
  • Excellent yield and material efficiencies


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