To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.  Montana State University Research Fees due on seed sold. PVP, Title V has been issued (Certificate #202000202).



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Release year


Breeding Program

Montana State University


Spring two-row

MT16M02201 is well-suited for dryland malt barley production in malt growing regions of Montana due to stable plumps, protein and extract under dryland conditions.  MT16M02201 performed well in a fertility trial in dryland during the drought of 2021, thus the name MT Endurance.

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: High performing malt line particularly in dryland. Higher percentage of plump seed. MT16M02201 was equal to most controls for grain yield (except Odyssey).

Protein: Low grain protein. Lower than most lines for percent protein (except Buzz), 

Maturity: MT16M02201 is earlier heading than all the controls except equal to Buzz, It has a longer grain fill period due to earler heading.

Straw Strength: 

Straw Length: MT16M02201 is of similar height to most of the controls (Buzz, Hockett and Merit 57), but taller than Odyssey and shorter than AC Metcalfe.

Disease Reaction: MT16M02201 tested moderately resistant to moderately susceptible to stem rust in Africa, but had higher than acceptable DON levels due to FHB at EARC in 2021 disease screening nursery under mist and with corn spawn inoculation.

Malting Characteristics

Although with acceptable malt quality under most conditions, Mt Endurance outperforms check varieties under dryland conditions.  It consistently has at least 3% higher extract than check variteties, with other traits also being acceptable in dryland.  MT Endurance can have elevated β-glucan under irrigation.  It can be slower to hydrate than Buzz, but is faster than Hockett, producing good malt quality with two steeps.  


Quality Strengths:

·         Highest extract of any tested line, even under dryland conditions

·         Can have acceptable β glucan in dryland

Brewing Quality Traits


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