Double haploid derived from parents Orca and Harrington.

Synonyms/Experimental #s

BCD47, PI 659444.

Release year


Breeding Program

Oregon State University


Spring two-row best suited for irrigated ground.

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Lower than feed barley
Protein: Higher than Harrington
Plumps: Plumper and heavier grain than Harrington. 
Straw Strength: Lodging resistant
Straw Length: Semi-dwarf
Disease Reaction: Resistant to Barley stripe rust, leaf rust, and scald.

Not suitable for dryland production

Malting Characteristics

Compared to Harrington BCD-47 has plumper and heavier grain. It is somewhat lower in extract, and higher in grain protein, it has a lower S/T ratio, higher diastatic power and alpha amylase activity, and lower wort beta glucan.

Brewing Quality Traits

Full Pint was used as a check variety and entered sensory assessment at Sierra Nevada brweing. The sensory panel gave it high marks and commented on the unique flavor. "Full pint wort also tasted very good, pre and post boiled." "I picked up a very pleasent and strong fresh satled popcorn note"


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