Synonyms/Experimental #s

TR05911, M57, 2B99-2657

Release year


Breeding Program

Busch Agriculture Resources


Spring two-row
Developed for the intermountain states of ID, MT, and WY. Later than desired for dryland production
Suitable for use with higher levels of adjuncts

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: high yielding, outyields Merit by 2 bushels, significantly higher than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland
Maturity: Later maturity of approxiamtely 125 days, 10 days after ABI Voyager.
Straw Length: Averages 33 inches tall. 
Straw Strength: 50% more lodging events than ABI Voyager; requires growth regulators to reduce lodging. 
Disease Reaction: Moderately resistant to net blotch net form and net blotch spot form. Moderately susceptible to spot blotch. Susceptible to FHB and pre harvest sprout. 

Malting Characteristics

  • Superior extract, higher than AC Metcalfe
  • Lower barley protein
  • Enzyme levels comparable to AC Metcalfe
  • Beta-glucan comparable to AC Metcalfe

Brewing Quality Traits

  • Good overall brewhouse performance
  • Very fast conversion time
  • Lautering time comparable to AC Metcalfe
  • Very good yield and material efficiencies
  • Very good fermentability


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