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Agriculture Canada


Spring two-row

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Grain yields are about 7% higher than Harrington
Plumps: Higher than Harrington
Maturity: Midseason
Straw Strength: Moderate, stronger than Harrington. May lodge under under high production conditions
Straw Length: Midtall
Disease Reaction: Good resistance to loose smut. Moderate resistance to stem rust, the spot-form of net blotch and root rot. Susceptible for scald, scale, septoria, and speckled leaf blotch.

Malting Characteristics

  • Improved resistance to peeling
  • Higher extract
  • Average enzyme levels and soluble protein
  • Low wort beta-glucan
  • Fast modification

Brewing Quality Traits

  • High level of extract and enzymes make this variety suitable for higher level of adjuncts
  • Good overall brewhouse performance
  • Fast conversion time
  • Acceptable lautering performance
  • Good yield and material efficiencies


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