CDC Stratus//TR236/WM862-6

Synonyms/Experimental #s

TR258, BM9123-34

Release year


Breeding Program

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Spring two-row

Agronomic Characteristics:

Yield: Superior to Harrigton by 24% and Manley by 6%.
Plumps: High plump kernel content.
Maturity: One day later than Harrington and 3 days earlier than Manley.
Straw Strength: Good lodging resistance.
Straw Length: Shorter than Harrington and Manley.
Disease Reaction: Moderate resistance to spot blotch, net blotch, common root rot, stem rust, and surface borne smuts.  Intermideate resistance to FHB.

Malting Characteristics

Similar qualities to Harrington but has a higher friability, lower hull peeling, viscosity, beta glucan content, and ratio of of soluable to total protein than Harrington. Has lower enzyme activity. 

Brewing Quality Traits



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