The Friabilimeter provides a measure of modification

Well modified portion of malt = friable
Poorly modified portion = hard/glassy

How it works:

Mechanical pressure is applied against 100g of malt inside a rotating sieve drum. Friable (well modified) portions of the grain are pressed through the sieve while the hard portions stay within the drum. Weighing the separated portions gives a percentage of friableness.

Each sample is run in the meter for 8 minutes.

 Friabilimeter Method

Instructional Method Video

Start to finish this video will show you the process and help you maintain your instrument!


Pfeuffer Friabilimeter


Friabilimeter iinside

Friabilimeter cage

Friability is a measure of malt modification

The friabilimeter takes 8 minutes to process a sample

Malt is placed inside a sieve drum where a pressure arm presses the malt against the seive

The portion of malt that falls through the sieve is considered friable

 Here is a better view of the drum

The portion remaining inside the drum is further separated over a 5/64 screen for a glassy and 1/2 glassy measurment


Example Results From a 6-row variety

Friability is measured after malting for 2 days and 7 days

Passes through drum (Friable)
58.5% friable portion


91.4% friable portion 
On 5/64 screen (glassy)
16.1% friable portion 


0.3% friable portion 
Through 5/64 screen (1/2 glassy)
25.4% friable portion 


8.5% Friable portiion 




Malt at 2 Days


Malt at 7 Days